Binette #13

by Sousa Dias Nana

binette ilford hp pentax smc mm f sousa dias nana

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Published: Wednesday 7th of July 2004 09:24:06 PM


Amar Khoday
Another beautiful portrait, and my preference goes to this one over #12.

Phil Morris
Simply outstanding. Lighting, tones, depth, texture, line, form, subject. It's all there in abundance. I can't praise this enough.

Weinmaster M
The best This is the best image. Wonderfull and sexy and beauty and beauty.

Tom H
Beautifully captured. The eyes realy pierce through you and you wonder what is going on in that mind. Beautifull model too. Well shot.

Kim Slonaker
I love the texture in this and the contrast. Striking composition.

Adrian Maniutiu
Just another lesson! Superb! Cheers

Peter van Nugteren
6/7 Wonderful expression, great detail!

Cristina Fumi
detail, exposure everything that goes with technique is excellent. I am not so sure about the model look: she seems to be annoyed like if she were thinking: are you done?

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
I'm feeling embarrassed writing that this photo is beautiful, being so obvious...!

Christian Testanière
testaniere wondurfull portrait. nice photo

Jean-Paul Nacivet
Belle tres belle! Very intense, thank you. Regards, Jean-Paul

Rui Nogueira
Do melhor que ja vi. Esta perfeito se e que existe a perfei硯.

Fernand Hick
Very nice shot, excellent composition, intent gaze. A great picture, Fernand

Daniel Hristescu
Hello Nana .Fantastic portrait , good composition . Congratulations .

hamed sp
:: G R E A T :: Great work . It composed well by perfect light. i like it . thanks for regards , Hamed

Kombizz Kashani
beautiful tight cropping with nice tones and more

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