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Published: Wednesday 7th of July 2004 06:54:48 PM


Maria Conversano
Fine and well composed BW. I like the diagonal cut.

Michael Seewald
Needs work Tension points, line mergers, balance, many things need to be worked on here. Light is very nice. 5/5. Blessings, MS

Thomas Engsig-Karup
I agree with P van Greenen. It looks like this photo is at a variance with the original print. Don't know whether or not its caused by scanning, compression, deliberate manipulation, perhaps USM, but it looks unnatural. Apart from that its a beautiful study of female form and I also agree that the model looks extremely relaxed and comfortable. Great ambience.

John Peri
Flash bounced off ceiling. Greetings, John

P vanGeenen
6/6 Like the Composition en contrast very much. Only thing I don't like is the hard line of her back and bottom with the couch, to me it doesn't look natural?

David Lee
westonian pose. no doubt. maybe that is why i like it so much. very nice photograph...

Anton Cini
relaxed pose how hard is it to get the model looking so relaxed . surely would nt be easy for me . i would have liked to here how you positioned the lights as it seems there is no shadows . will u have some time to commnet on my portraits, please . thank you

Ryan Addis
I like the tone, and good choice of model.

Els Wetting
I did tell you before, it would be my pleasure to be a model for you. It is a pitty I am getting older, 43 years, but you make woman so pretty.

John Peri
The reason why there is very little shadow is that the lighting comes from a flash bounced off the ceiling ...

John Peri
If you browse through my portfolio you will see that much of it, to a large degree, is a study between fiction and reality. Natural, not natural, who knows .. who cares. Life and how each one of us perceives it is an illusion in itself. Do you like the picture, that is what I am asking you here? PS. I really am hopeless. I cut off her fingers and her toes in the final framing!

Jim Hayes
Yes, John, now that you have me hooked with your "Girls" I don't want to miss a single inch of them. I will have another sleepless night worrying about fingers and toes till your next post. Thanks

Ken Williams ...
Great lay out ... ! ...

Howard Dion
John: Fantastic B&W work. The lines on this shot are amazing.

Alberto Conde
Very good play of lines and curves. Beautiful and delicate, as always with you, John!

Ray Wei
John, great work as always. Congrats.

John Peri
Michael Seewald is a very brilliant photographer, and so I take his words very seriously. I wonder where he finds fault with the different points of convergence, the whole point of this picture having been to fulfil that need? I have been unusually conventional in my geometry and 1/3 scaling. Also, whereas in many photos I am a snapshot happy photographer, the passage from black to various shades of grey was studied carefully here. I would appreciate more elaboration on this point. Thank you.

Michael Seewald
John, One of the main rules in portrait photography is not to crop on joints. You probably realise this with major ones, but the fingers and toes also count, especially with this image. The cropping right at the edge creates tension, even if you've balanced the tension at each end (which is one way to make tension points work when they usually don't) so it still is distracting. If you have the fingers and toes on the neg you may try re-printing it with them in. Plus, they must have space or they are still tension points. She still is fairly centered, so a little off the botton (maybe 10%) will get that 1/3rd balance you said you're looing to get a little closer to reality. Blessings, MS

John Peri
hey Michael, you're back ... five months later! Yes, I do have the fingers on the original. Maybe one day I will find the courage to start over again. Many thanks for your detailed and helpful critic.

Michael Seewald
Well, I've only been gone one month, but yeah, I'm finding out how the notifications of 'left comments' works. This site is quite detailed but I figuring it all out slowly. Blessings, MS

Evgeniy Shaman
nice shot!

John Peri
Reclining Nude A play in angles and curves ...

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