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by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Wednesday 7th of July 2004 05:30:01 PM


Carl Smith
While I don't mistake the hand for anything else, it is a bit weird to me. Unfortunately I think that it hurts the image for me, it looks like the hand is emerging in a rather bizarre way. I don't care for this one as much as some of your other works, although technically it does look a little weird around her butt. The black cuts in too quickly, but maybe it's just my eyes. I'd like to look at it bigger but haven't figured out the new arrangement of the site yet.

Amar Khoday
John, a terrific shot, a nice composition of limbs and body parts.

Jeff Moody
This has to be one of my favorites so far from your portfolio. Very sensual and erotic (even without showing any of the "goodies"). However, I go back and forth on what to think about the hand. Great shot overall (as if you'd submit less :-) )

John Peri
Thanks. I appreciate your opinion. From my viewpoint, the hand was placed there in order to make the picture more unusal.

Kurt Lewis
To me this photo is all about the beautiful legs accentuated by the sensual flex of the right foot. The hand is distracting and seems out of place.

James O'Neill
Some people might cry out for the predictable, and they'd probably find something to please them in one of your other folders. *I* want something which makes me think about the body in a slightly different way. This does that. Very original, and good too. The one flaw is with the way her toes are splayed out - I've noticed one of my models is the same - I blame bad shoes! I can't beleive that this isn't scoring better for originality. Maybe it's that desire for predictablity.

Ted Carter
Changeling, maybe it's just me... (Certainly wouldn't be the first time!)

John Peri
Hey friends. I think your imagination is running away with some of you!

John Peri
Thanks Knicki, and yet some people always cry out for the predictable. Ok for a glamour shot, but maybe not so for something like this.

Thomas Engsig-Karup
At first glance the hand could be mistaken for another bodypart... which I think is a bit unfortunate ;) The left foot looks very big and clumsy. Straight ancles are usually more flattering in this sort of pose. Try and avoid "frog's feet". I am guessing the idea is to align the feet? but I don't think it works very well. The photo is well-exposed, though!

Ted Carter
John, Something hinted at in many of these critiques is that the hand's placement and the splaying of the toes could be suggestive of masturbation or arousal. So people get hung up on these elements. I think the pictures shows the beauty of the female form in a pose that is original, and for me appealing, and that should be all that matters, right?

Mark Lucas
I almost mistook the thumbnail for a "Jerry Hamilton"!

Carl Smith
Well, ok then. Some of you see it as masturbation. Whatever. :) I didn't see it as that, it just seems a little weird with it hanging there the way it is. (to me)

John Peri
The hand Another in the series of body part close ups ...

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