"On the Way Home" (A Typical Dutch Scene)

by Tsoi Wilson

on the way home a typical dutch scene seeking critiq tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 7th of July 2004 03:59:54 AM


Tatiana Morozova
I know that it's too late to say something but I can't be silent. Perfect photo and very good job!

David McCracken
Not the usual Tsoi shot! I wouldn't have recognised this as one of yours Wilson! Normally your pictures bombard the eyes with colour. Nice for what it is though!

Gaetan Chevalier
Excellent photo. Great capture of beautiful light!

Jake Johnson
Dutch indeed... Hello, I instantly recognized this scene in my country. Hence you can easily say that you managed to catch the 'Dutch atmosphere' very well! I hope that people won't be disappointed about Holland when they come here after seeing your picture!

David McCracken
In Hong Kong Yes Wilson! Back in Hong Kong! A friend has just pointed out to me that there are a lot of bicycles in China! Maybe this could be a typical Chinese scene. Having said that, the girl on the bike looks blonde..... maybe it is my imagination!

Wilson Tsoi
...thanks, David (I think*@#.) With all those colors, I had to desaturate myself once in a while. Need some peaceful scenery to work with. ^_^ p.s. Back in HKG, r u?

rihwa luo
GOOD a very nice shot!

Ken Beilman
Wilson A beautiful sepia tone. Well done! I love Amesterdam and surrounding environs. An incredible place.

Igor Laptev
Beautiful work Wilson!

Howard Dion
Wonderful - looks like a painting.

Pawel Stradowski
Wonderful mood Really wonderful mood!

Michele Berti
Excellent colour tones and composition. Well done!

Pnina Evental
Simply great everything! Wilson. Pnina

Max Haynes
Quite good!, I might crop a bit from the bottom though. Max

Michael Weeks
Lovely. I just went to Amsterdam a couple of months ago. While I got some nice canal shots--none of them look like this. It must be your camera. ;)

Sunghan Kim

Donna Barbagallo
Perfect Lighting Wilson, your gallery of photos is truly breathtaking. Each photo is more beautiful than the next. (Do you mind if I ask where you studied photography?)

Stephen Galea
One of the greatest i have seen recently ... I really love the composition and frame is filled with everything... Well done nothing to add...

Ray Wei
Exellent work Wilson, this is one powerful photo. Congrats.

Marc Aubry
A very beautiful picture

Linda Keagle
Beautiful luminescent light!!

Maria Conversano
I love this warm golden light. Great! 7:6

Sarah Underhill
I like everything about this! Great work.

Gabriella Lucia
Gorgeous shot, great tones.7-6

Kevin Bickerdike

Craig Ferguson
Incredible colors, incredible shot. Wilson, you have very diverse talents - well done.

Sergei Sogokon
Very nice shot & great tones! Well done!

Cristina Fumi
what a beautiful golden shot! It gives me lot's of emotions

Paul David Athey
Truly a beautiful image - Regards Paul.

Henri Manguy
Very beautiful composition bathed in a gold light.

Mark B Bartosik
Best what the photo can do to me; make me want to be there. excellent

Guido Fulgenzi
nice shot.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all... ...for commenting. Truly appreciate all of your feedback. ^_^

Doug Hawks
If this is a typical Dutch scene, then I am out the door. I think I would qualify it with "typical idyllic Dutch scene taken by a master photographer". Well done.

Francesco Ces
Comment SUPERBE, as many otherin your folder. And may of them with a A80! That really counts for something and says about your skills! FrancescoM ces@home.ro

Wilson Tsoi
Doug and Francesco, Thank you for your kind words. ^_^

Robert Semnic
nice scenery. I assume you have used digital zoom or what had happened with the resolution?

Wilson Tsoi
Tatiana and Robert, Thank you much for your kind comments. Much appreciated. Yes, this was taken with Canon A80 4-mp digital zoom.

Light and Shadow It has always interested me when I see a photograph being complimented in terms of looking like a painting and here I am agreeing with a previous such comment; it does indeed look like a Dutch Master's work. The interplay of light and shadow is just wonderful-you have made magic here! I also love the way the watercraft under the left hand arch adds some colour and strength to the otherwise soft, muted image. I'm so glad I got to see this! best regards, cb :-)

Wilson Tsoi
A Typical Dutch Scene, Works? I always feel very peaceful watching life goes by in a Dutch town, especially on a cold afternoon. Works for you, why, why not? Thanks.

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