"The End of a Long Day"

by Tsoi Wilson

the end of a long day seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 2nd of July 2004 08:48:54 AM


Els Wetting
A very strange composition, which make it in my eyes very interesting, the colors are beautifull. We al see with different eyes.

Howard Dion
Great color. Not sure about the composition. The bench running off the frame on the left takes my eye our of the picture and I can't get back.

Andrea Salini
Beautiful shadows! I really lioke the composition.

Igor Laptev
Nice image!

Ken Beilman
Wilson This is an unusual shot from the perspective standpoint. I do find the composition interesting and have to include this as another one of your creative shots.

David McCracken
Paradoxical Puzzle I think I could look at this picture for hours and not quite understand it! I definiely do not understand the seat! It seems to curve. I don't think the curve is caused by any lens limitations! Weird but good!

Pawel Stradowski
Wilson A very good late evening series. I like them all

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks everyone... ...for taking the time and leaving valuable feedback. The bench indeed had curves in it. Had I shoot for the kid's side profile, I'm afraid the sky won't be this dramatic and it will then also include lots of other beachgoers and parked cars, etc. Lets leave it like this for now. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"The End of a Long Day," jives with you? Taken last night at beach front, does it mean anything to you?

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