"Guiding Light"

by Tsoi Wilson

guiding light seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 2nd of July 2004 08:34:07 AM


Alexander Rainchik
I like it. However, that pole on the left side seems to be distracting.

Jim Swenson
Great image. Great composition and excellent color.

Howard Dion
I love the beam of light. Great shot. I assume you used a tripod?

Francesco Martini
a very suggestive shot!!!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all so far for your kind words. I seriously don't know how in the world was Jen able to correctly indentify this structure based solely on slihouette alone, even though I realize that she's an expert in lighthouses, historically and photographically. Truly a Lighthouse aficionado, Jen is!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Joe for your example. I think we're all are keeping each other up way too frequently ..z z z z...^_^

Jenifer Selwa - West Michigan
Wilson, the flagpole mast next to the lighthouse is how. Mulkiteo is the only lighthouse I have seen with a mast that shape and in that proximity. It's also one of my favorites on the West Coast. :)

Jos Van Poederooyen
Hello Wilson Very eye catching...great colors, interesting work on the light, in the end I seem to remember them as having a yellowish cast. Good idea.

Marta Eva LLamera
Really well done. Fantastic image. Congratulations. Best Regards.

Jenifer Selwa - West Michigan
Wilson, this is a lovely portrayal of Mulkiteo. I had a chance to visit there on my honeymoon in 1997. Outstanding color on the horizon and I love the beam of light coming from the lantern room. Great capture!

Ken Beilman
Wilson Really nice shot. Evokes a mode. Technically superb, as usual.

Nabil Majid
I love the silhouettes. I would crop the foreground more as long as it's seemlessly dark. Regards

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks to Joe and Jos for keen observation, I've added a bit of warmth to the lantern main illumination. Michele, thanks for the crop, which I did contemplated prior to posting, but somehow I prefered the square composition ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Congratulations, Joe. You've won today's, "Guess that Manipulation" contest ^_^ (see tech above.) Admittedbly was a bit of a hurry at 2am and just wanted to get over with (sin, I know.) There, how about little tweak (hit refresh.)

Michele Berti
6/6 i would only crop a biut the lower side. Otherwise really a very good composition. Well done!

Pawel Stradowski
Wilson I little bit unnatural, but I like it

Wilson Tsoi
"Guiding Light," my neighborhood lighthouse, thoughts? Taken last night on another quite decent evening. I thought the title would be appropriate for the structure. Thoughts?

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