Fitness Queen # 5

by Amelkovich Igor

fitness queen chelyabinsk nude hasselblad cw agfa amelkovich igor

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Tags: fitness queen chelyabinsk nude hasselblad 503 cw agfa apx-100 carl zeiss planar 80mm f28 seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Wednesday 30th of June 2004 10:55:58 AM


Aivars B.
Prekrasno, Igor !!! Prosto masterski !!

Igor Laptev
"Mi nash, mi novij mir....." Nice work!

Andrzej Dragan
7/7 No doubt!

Wernher S
I don't think a prop would have been superflous. My HO is that it would have looked great if there was an anvil with a glowing piece of metal on top in front of her.

8===D ~~~
very nice but what is she going to smash? A prop would look superfluous to me but what if she aimed the hammer at the back wall?

Sergei Sogokon
Very powerful shot! Well done Igor!!

Bobby Diba
i really like this, nice work.

Igor Amelkovich
It is possible. Though I think a hammer and a sickle should be together.

Hugh Hill
Now theres a real Ball-Breaker! I love this Image Igor but the floor spoils it for me but thats just an opinion of mine so don't for god sake take it personal and send her to my door. 6/6

Fun Factory
8/8 !

Kenny Chaffin
Wonderfully creative. I hate the "typical" bodybuilder shots, but this is completely different and extremely well done to show the body in action! KAC

Dariusz Klimczak
6x6? No, 7x7! :-) Outstanding!

Frunze Verdi
Perekuem Mechi na Orali Polozhi mech na nakoval'nu.! Escho ideia dlia tebia: zdelay statuu "Rabochiy i Kolhozniza." SG

Robert Jurjevic
She Is she really so strong or is it some kind of digital manipulation? I like the texture of the wall (real or post processed?). What you could add on the photo (digital manipulation) is some small helpless bird which is about to be smashed (in colour), do not know what kind of message it would convey, though (I do not like violence, but the message could be just the opposite). Composition wise I do not like the figure being centrally placed. The light might not be perfect in portions of the image (around left leg, etc.).

Gelay Thondup Amdo
Master piece of Igor. 7/7

Murray Leshner
She probably is wearing safety glasses.

Gerald Taylor
Why on earth is she swinging a sledge hammer without wearing any clothes?

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
"Why on earth is she swinging a sledge hammer without wearing any clothes?" he wrote. Why to show those huge deltoids of course. Not to mention calves of thunder and biceps to die for:-)

David Halterman
after all, its yours A wise man once said..."I would not change for thine"...and I agree. spot on (that man was J.Cash btw) cheers

David Halterman
Pay no attention to this strange advice you are receiving on this photo, such as, 'You should place a giant manipulated nail in front of her, and place her differently in the frame, and put a chickadee on the floor, and make this look like another *yawn shot*'. This shot is what it is, enjoy it already!

Andrew Dempster
good job props not needed i'm looking at her physical tone and definition. a well focused, atmospheric shot. thank you

Karel VojkovskĆ½
GREAT! 8/8

Igor Amelkovich
Fitness Queen # 5 Fitness girl

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