"Success at Sunset" (Net Fishing)

by Tsoi Wilson

success at sunset net fishing seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 29th of June 2004 06:10:36 AM


Denis Sutherland
You caught a good one!!!! 7/7

Pawel Stradowski
Wilson This is one of your best! Cheers p.s. I wish it was mine

David McCracken
As Pawel says! As Pawel says, I wish it were mine..... but then I feel that of a lot of your photos!

Foureyes .
camera location my favourite about this photograph is the location of the camera,.....very unique and creative,......hello ???....what about the location of the sun,....and the splash of water,...Wooow !!!...Amazing capture,....you have a master eye !!!!!!

Pnina Evental
Yes, the angle is the photo, Well done Wilson. Pnina

Dennis Jones
Wilson foureyes said it all... the camera angle makes this shot. Well done exposure and composition

Jim Swenson
I like it.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Fantastic photo. You sure had a productive day that day.

Pawel Czapiewski
6/7 congratulations.

Salvatore Mele
I like this image more than the other, for several reasons. The kid is bigger than life, takes all the frame, like a Gulliver. Seems to really have an "impact" on things, as from the water spray. He's walking out of the picture, since he's triumphally done with his day. It's altogether a more original shot. Cheers,

Howard Dion
AMAZING SHOT: How do you do it? Great image.

Steven Thompson
Success Indeed! I like this even better than the previous uploads. Excellent timing with the legs in motion, one leg cutting the strong light from the sun and the other generating a sense of motion by the water movement. Also very good positioning of the clouds. I would be curious to know what this guy was fishing for?

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Salvatore, you described the "story" I exactly had in mind. Howard, I held the A80 just above the water. BTW 4E, I think it will be interesting to see something like this with a fishy, yes?

Rob Miller
Great Shot Great Framing, lighting, exposure, and motion capture with water splash. I love this shot. Great Job!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks again to all whom had so kindly commented. David, welcome back. Steven, the little fisherman got 4 little "mutt" fishies (so small, we can't make out what they are) by end of that evening...that really made the day.

Alex Milarakis
Fantastic shot. I like the the black figure against the beautiful sunset. Perfect view point !

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you much for your kind words, Alex. ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Success in the Sunset, Victorious Little Fisherman, for Better or for Worse? A different version of the little fisherman, better or worse? Thanks in advance for taking the time.

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