"Anticipating a Sunset"

by Tsoi Wilson

anticipating a sunset seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 29th of June 2004 04:45:54 AM


Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for constructive feedback. I think it was a mistake to squeeze out shadow area detail as it's suppose to be a "dramatic" image. I've reposted with more contrasty look and removal of the bother some rockery & logs. Please click refresh for an update, thanks. For the record, here's the original post.

Howard Dion
Much improved. Technology and the artist join hands to create beauty. Well done.

Pawel Stradowski
hmmmm Somehow the colors seem to be unreal plus I would increase contrast. Cheers

Ken Beilman
Wilson I like it better. But I also agree with Pawel about the color since he pointed it out. Take a look at the color in the surf. Would better white instead of the bluish cast. And I agree with Joe: your PS skills are awesome, as I've mentioned before. Regards.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Splendid colors and perspective. The log in the foreground bothers me; it strikes me as being unreal for some reason. Overall, though, very nice photo.

Henri Manguy
You have changed it, and I have changed my ratings. This one is very much better.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your constructive feedback. The actual surfs (and water for that matter) were originally much, much bluer. I had to warm that area up significantly. Pawel, the light condition is original, but I did increase saturation to emphasize the sky, which I think that's the reason why it may not look "real" to you. BTW, I consider PS tasks in this shot are all pretty basic and you all CAN easily execute them. Thanks again. ^_^

Geo Sun
good one. excellent colors and great composition.

Howard Dion
This is good, but something is missing? Not sure, maybe not enough contrast.

Henri Manguy
I think there is not enough contrast in the low lights of the low part. I mean the blacks are not enough black.

Wilson Tsoi
Anticipating a Sunset, Works for You? Thoughts and comments are always appreciated. Why or why doesn't it work for you?

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