ace 6

by Peri John

ace nudes artistic johnperi photography portrait glamo peri john

Gallery: Strange fantasies

Tags: nudes artistic johnperi photography portrait glamour abstract seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Published: Sunday 27th of June 2004 08:42:58 AM


W J Gibson
Terminator 3-ish - not your usual cup of molten metal, but still very interesting - have you ebver tried any watercolour-like filter effects?

radiant darkness
too much photoshop, to little photography

John Peri
Ok, next time I do a card for someone's party, I shall use more photography and less PS!

Els Wetting
bullshit, What a problem about PS, let's just enjoy

John Peri
Haloween I am replacing this as it was deleted from my file. I made it for a friend to use as an invitation card for a Haloween Party that she organized in the countryside ... she is in the middle with her horse and dog in the corners ....

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