Dream ...

by Amelkovich Igor

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Published: Saturday 26th of June 2004 12:06:52 PM


Igor Laptev

John Crowe
Awesome pose of a nice model without your usual gimmicks! Just wish it wasn't slanted. Very nice!

Boris Voglar
I love it. I love allmost every of yours photos. They just excellent. I disagree with S&M, this is just fashion that makes people little more exciting. Very sexy indeed.

Denis Dobardzic
this is a great picture and the girl is beautiful

Evgueni Novichihin
Igor! Molodec, otlichno!

Armindo Lopes

santi martinez romero
good stetic i like blak and white. and favolous stetic

Stephane Robichaud
There is so much taste in your work. Can't do anything else then admirate it. Congrats.

Tom Kumpf

Dima Oukhov
... kakaya grud' krasivaya!!! ;))

Ektor Coughanour
Excellent composition!, excellent lighting!...excellent model!

dorian sergio
i have see this style before you must be a michael parkes fan? http://www.michaelparkes.us/

Bilal Zaheer
stunning model, the profile, lighting, composition, everyting perfect. though personally I dont like the collar around her neck! amazing picture nonetheless.

T.F. Tolhurst
AND???? Pardon the pun but this image to me is masturbatory. Good lighting, decent pose, nice model etc but so what? Obviously you've got hella skills but this isn't a groundbreaking shot by any means.

Thomas Collins
Ever considered a career in dreams? :-)

Gerry H
To me this is stunning - the clarity, lighting pose, not to mention the awesome figure of the model. New - no we have seem naked ladies before but this is no run of the mill nude - well done

Krister Hall
I share your dream! Perfect!!!

Timo Hartikainen
I rated this pic yesterday, but I had to come back to see it again..it's excellent! The pose, model & lighting are really beautiful.

Nana Sousa Dias

Jay Patel
Very original pose. Beautiful model and excellent lighting!! 7/7!

James O'Neill
Seeing the comments and scores, I'm in a minority here, but I think this is below your usual standard. There's nothing wrong with it - the lighting's fine, the model's nice, and the pose isn't boring. But Most of your pictures are dripping with style and by comparison this one is a bit flat.

David Waldvogel

Barry Carlton
"Dripping with style"? You mean women poised to cut their body parts off? Women in S&M gear brandishing nasty syringes? Bound women? Hooded women? Faceless women in dungeons? If style equals misogyny, I've got to agree.

Francesco Martini
very good this nude!! Well done the diagonal cut of image!!!

Justin Grant
.... ...new model??? Very sexy. I always enjoy looking at your work.

Shady Ammari
beautiful theres no other word to discribe it

Eduard Nikoliqi
Perfect 8/8 woooooow, this s nice. I'm not sure if I can ever make a picture like this. Respect

Luca Bravo
;) WOW My congratulations!!!!

Steve Adcock
Interesting work I agree that the subject matter and "positions" of some of the models are a little ... interesting, but compositionally, this is excellent work.

JF Ochoa

Jeff Lane

Manuel Rincon
Best! I love the texture of the skin. Manuel.

Andrea Salini
7/7 Perfect!

Jakub Kielar
as usual As usual your work looks perfect- what I like a lot is lighting and pose. especially her face conveys the mood of ... dreaming - I like it a lot regards,

dave baldeo
A very bold piece, well done. There is definitely mystery in darkness! Excelent contrast around her face.

Evgeniy Shaman
wow! good!

Evgeniy Shaman

Pioles Cramponis

Bruce Jones
Dream girl I am impressed with all of your work; quite excellent. I personally prefer photos where the people's faces are seen clearly. This is an example of that. You take full advantage of the superior beauty of the model to dress your photo like some etherial dream. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Jay Kilgore
Sensual Sexual Supurb And any other S words I can think of!

Scott Turner

Jaap Voets
beautiful, just like the rest of your work

Matthew Small
Fantastic work on this. I love how different textures look in black and white and you've certainly managed to capture the moment. I would be happy to hang this on my living room wall. Well done.

Roberto Rossi
Wow, beautyful nude shot!!! Bye Roberto

David Rabinowitz
great image...have you any thoughts about going digital? regards....David

rose moya
sooo sensual this is an art form! nicely done..

Kombizz Kashani
7 / 7 Thank you for sharing her 'DREAM'

Igor Amelkovich
Dream My dream

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