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Published: Friday 25th of June 2004 08:51:19 PM


Foureyes .
Beautiful,...her smile is burning my screen !!!!!

John Peri
Yes Howard, it's all in the smile! Regards, John

Jeff Fiore
Excellent work. Love the lighting and espesially the pose

Jim Hayes
John How did you know I was smiling?????

Howard Dion
Wonderful. The lighting is great on this one. Plus, you can't beat that smile. Regards, Howard

Sarah Kane
Love this one John... very comfortable, wonderfully up beat pose! The lighting is great, through the tones in the skin andin the hair. Wonderful photo!!

John Peri
... this was taken as she prepared for the shot ....

Chris Kuettner
Hi John, Allright! Thats it! I'm coming out for a week to watch you work and get some shots of these models! You have a real talent for making them feel relaxed and it shows in your work. Excellent job (again!)

Venicia L
When is my photo session? Make me look as good as this child and I'll buy all your film for the rest of your life!

(On second thought, since it would be so easy, I better recind that. ;)

Love your work, John.


Venicia L

You are just a damned voyeur. You view women as objects to drool over for physical attributes. You can't wait to get a girl out of her clothes just to see her body and you love to catch sneak shots as she disrobes, thinking she's not noticing.

I'll bet you're thinking of getting every one of them into the sack.

God, I love that in a man!


John Peri
Hy Chris, I don't think you'll learn much from me. I mostly just point the camera and miss out in placing the flash in the right direction at least once out of three. As for the girls ... they are all around us ... all the best, John

John Peri
Venicia, it's a long time since I laughed so much. I first thought that you were going to demolish me and I was going to spend another sleepless night. Thank you!

David McCracken
Signature Picture! This is you John! I hope to see more like this! I hope to take more like this. I will keep at it!

John Peri
"Will this do" she said .... Just a glamour shot ...

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