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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 25th of June 2004 01:34:39 PM


David McCracken
Does it look real? It is real! So I guess it looks real! There does seem to be some action. She defintiely looks like she is getting out of the car and her hand is about to be extended further to be helped out of the car by a gentleman! The bemused look on her face is when she realises that the gentleman was not reaching for her arm, but for his camera to take a 'snap' of her. So your photo does tell a story and like all good stories, there is a touch of mystery in it. The mystery here is, how did the strap manage to slip half way down her arm?

Foureyes .
007 very nice photo,...it has a 007 spy movie flair,....as if she's a girl of 'danger and mystery',....the frame is fun,...kind of 'retro'.

Robert Rybarsky
Nice photo, bad frame.

John Peri
Sure, you are quite right ... but please try to forget the frame ... I did it for her album ...

David Vorland
Let's hear it for capturing charm, and with it a keener sense of the joy of life that John expresses so well. That's his true art.

Michael McCullough
4-4 To much shadow IMHO,you've done so much better than this representation I was suprised to see your name on it!!!!

Gino Difarnecio
I like this idea, the contrast and shadowing are a little bit harsh. There is something very sexy abou this. The weird framing doesn't work very well.

David McCracken
??? It's very difficult to take photos in direct sunlight! All the problems that you encounter are seen in this photo. Sure! The model is nice! The pose is very nice but photographically....

John Peri
Dave, I'm a little surprised by this comment coming from you. Sure what you say is true and much worse still ... but then ... does it look real? When you walk down a street and you catch this scene in your mind for a fleeting second, does it look anything like this to you?

W J Gibson
I am not sure the closed eyes helps or hurts this.

John Peri
Thanks for the criticism. I agree with all of it! Michael ... "my name on it" ....!! You should see some of the other nonsense I produce that I never show you! I'm just overcome by her charm. I guess that is what keeps me photographing therse girls.

John Peri
My model of the week Just a snapshot ... hopefully with a bit of charm .. as she was stepping out of the car ...

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