Dream of Ice

by Shaman Evgeniy

dream of ice seeking critique shaman evgeniy

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Published: Friday 25th of June 2004 09:07:38 AM


Vangelis Moutafis
Great orthochromatic.

Evgeniy Shaman
To Jukka Lehmus photo original + layers (photos of broken glass)! then manipulation in PS 7.0

Piero Corubolo
Ciao, what i like in this pic is, subject and shape balance apart, the texture quality ... hence grain, noise or whatever. I dislike extreme sharpness and find reaching a point of balance between hifi and low fi is half of the game. I personally don't use this layering technique but it's this kind of pictures that one day will convince me to give it a try. Very good as usual !!! take care

Szymon Gdowicz

Jan Kellgren
Very good! Beautiful and with a lot of originality.

Evgeniy Shaman
Ice mood want comments, thanks!

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