"Reflection On the Wall" (Look C L O S E L Y)

by Tsoi Wilson

reflection on the wall look c l o s e y seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 25th of June 2004 03:42:55 AM


Ken Beilman
Wilson You are quite the creative and clever one with superb PS skills. This is much less confusing than the first one and I like it better. Thanks for the Powershot tips website. I need to spend some time with my A80. I'm much more interested in it now, especially after seeing this photo and what it can do. You are also very resourceful. Regards.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
The best of the three, in my opinion. The reason I say this is because the foreground is more than two thirds of the image, and has the most interest. You have the realism of the people on the bridge. And you have the impressionistic effect with the wall behind the people that is great, too! Thanks for the lesson in creativity, Wilson!!

Pawel Czapiewski
Same here i'd crop 2 floors at the bottom. Great idea.

Guido Fulgenzi
Nice effect!I like this way of cropping.

Pawel Stradowski
Good idea I like the idea, I would only try cropping it from the bottom

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback & suggestions. GEO, actually there is very, very minimal PS work here. Only the portion from the sidewalk and up were deleted, then replaced by the exact same water reflection, but flipped vertically. The reflection already has the painterly quality to it and no PS work is necessary. You should try it yourself with your nice scenic images. PAWEL, I also tried 5-6 other croppings, may be I'll post shortly. KEN & LOU ANN, thanks for your kind words, I'm just glad that we're all able to learn from each other, one of the reasons we all signed on, I think ^_^

Gerry H
I love this but I am not sure about the edit to distort the buildings I would like to see it with out that :)

Geo Sun
amazing it looks more like a painting. Did you work on both the real and image part? no matter what, it worked for me. the twist on the real part makes me wondering the true face of our surrounding world.

Wilson Tsoi
Recently deleted, "Impressionistically Disoriented" comments: Viewed 5044 times with 17 ratings Aesthetics 4.94/7 Originality 5.41/7 This is a visually confusing image! Not sure what to make of it? Need some time to reflect, which is good. -- Howard Dion I like it. It looks like a painting. -- Peter Marzano impressed...and perplexed... hi, i really like this image! i'm wondering how you went about creating it? -- Jeff Urban Very cool. I assume you duplicated the reflection section of the shot? Great idea. Well done and very "Impressionistic." -- Joe Orsak Like the way you made it look like a painting! -- Deanna Nicol Wilson Maybe a little to distracting, but very original. Really creative. Cheers -- Pawel Stradowski This is confusing but very original. Thought provoking. Good job. I noticed you used a Canon Powershot A80. I have the same camera but don't have much experience with it. Did you use the view finder or the LCD screen to compose the photo? I understand the view finder is pretty inaccurate. I find using the LCD foreign to my experience with SLR's. Any tips about using this camera? -- Ken Beilman Thank you everyone for responding. Jeff & Joe, yes, it was copied, flipped vertical, and some nip & tuck. After getting feedback here, I have a better idea on how to work it, specifically reducing the element of confusion (seems to be what bothers most viewers.) Ken, I usually use the flip screen to compose and I don't find it too inaccurate (the capture review is on for couple seconds to confirm anyways.) It is indeed much different than viewing through an SLR with a f2.8 lens attached. About A80 tips, this fellow does the best job explaining it here I'm sure you'll find the A80 a lot of fun to use. It by no mean replaces your trusted SLR though, just compliments it. -- Wilson Tsoi I like it, too! I'm not necessarily confused. Your caption leads the viewer to understand that it's impressionistic ... which means, in other words, "don't be confused, just take what you see." -- Lou Ann Aepelbacher

Wilson Tsoi
Tighter Crop, Reflection Works? Another experiment with water reflection and PS. Comments & suggestions are welcome ^_^

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