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Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Published: Thursday 24th of June 2004 01:58:56 PM


Dangerous Woman! Ha Ha ........I love it! As with all of your photography this very well done, this being one of my favorites! gb

T ...
I agree ... Bravo!

Roland Ehrlich
How do you get this beautiful skin tones with Fomapan? Is this a scan from print or scanned negative? Thanks. Roland.

mondiani .
what about a white nurse outfit? :)


Mondiani party event photographer

Chris Conrad
I believe the needle is only what YOU, the viewer, make of it. Beautiful image. cc

Paul Kuziel
I love the this image. Great exposure and composition. She is sexy, mysterious and a bit frightning all at the same time. As far as the drug issue goes, I do not agree with the above poster. I think an image like this is more in a fantacy realm than in a reality one, maybe she is KGB looking to extract some truth perhaps. Maybe a dominatrix nurse. The point being is that not every image has to have a message or agenda. BRAVO and Well Done!

Erin Boyd
Maybe she is an erectile dysfunction specialist! Up to your usual high standard Igor.

Etienne D
Marco Bolding is a liar... I'm the guy who have a secret! :)))

Doug Hawks
It reminds me a little bit of my grade school nurse.

Gerry H
I have a different angle on the responsibility issue - the needle doesnt have to contain controlled substances. For me, someone who has been taking 3 injections per week of perscribed medications for over two years and will have to for the rest of my life, I just may think of the whole task in a different light :)

Clarance Bishop
Porn addict? That was the first thing that came 2 mind. The needle symbolizing the addiction and the sexy girl, well the pr0n. Any1 with me?

Igor Amelkovich
Not drugs, only B-12. :-)). I scanned negative. Thanx.

Jim Hayes
"A spoonful of sugar, makes the medicine go down" Gosh I miss Julie Andrews, but I never miss a shot by Igor. Thanks for this post.

Bjorn Moback
Waddya mean? The girl is nice.... exposure, etc. is all right..BUT what ?s the message? Is it a commercial for drugs? As a photographer you have to show a bit of responsibilty... which you dont?t in this picture.

Albert Spohn
I agree - you do have a weighty responsibility as a photographer - to please yourself, and whomever else might see things the same way. As for everyone else... well, that's what eyelids are for. Great image, if for no other reason than that it generates questions.

Craig Jenkins
Cool! This hits on most of my emotions! Thanks

Thomas Collins
I think this is the nurse of my fantasies coming to give me my shot of vitamin B-12. Excellent photography! ;-)

Syd Kellogg
Much too sadistic an image. I agree with the responsibility issue. The truth is every image does give an impression ~ or as I like to say, a message. Perhaps w/o the hyperdermic, studded collar and the (hairs) unnatural blunt cut. The woman actually has very intriguing features.

8===D ~~~
I don't like it as much as your other pictures, maybe because she's clothed. For one thing the face/expression doesn't really say "fetish" to me.. Also, she's holding the syringe awkwardly, without much confidence. Last thing I don't like so much is the overall angle. As usual, very nice tones and contrast.

Jim Hayes
OMG! she seems to be saying Ben Dover!!!!!!!

Andrew Binder
I disagree with the whole "responsibility" thing as well. Some fetish? Indeed! I instantly saw this photo as a fetish/fantasy/fashion image, BEFORE I saw Igor's comment. Art would be trite and meaningless if it were all "safe" and "responsible" ( what is responsible being in the eye of the beholder mind you-as we all have different values and opinions)I would loathe to be in a world full of art that played it safe. Nicely done!

Victor Lausas
great shot I like this a lot. this image raises questions and thoughts. If you name it "Addiction" instead of "Vaccination" it'll be a killer ;)

Igor Amelkovich

Clive Rapier
Probably my favourite out of the series so far. All nurses should look like this. Just a great image all round. :)

hojjat zarei
Dear Igor I agree with some other, this is one of the best photo in these series, I really enjoy the facial expression , and the outfit is in a great harmony with the whole photo feeling. Thx for sharing. Hojjat

Paul Harris
Do not be afraid I will not hurt you

The classic fault for this type of photo: Nursey should be looking at tip of needle. If you want eye contact with the viewer, turn her, move her arms, or twist her body so shs'e looking over top of needle at viewer. Oh, what the hell, hurt me hurt me.

Paul Harris
For Doug Hawks

Doug - Is that why you got left back so many times? Can't blame you.

Igor Amelkovich
Vaccination Some fetish

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