Mother Nature Worshipping the Sunflower

by Slonaker Kim

mother nature worshipping the sunflower mathis nikon d slonaker kim

Gallery: Distorted Flowers Series

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Published: Wednesday 23rd of June 2004 11:45:49 PM


Kim Slonaker
Thanks, Pnina. Always enjoy your visits and comments.

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
Kim Wonderful, Magic...the reason we have this tool, and you play it like a pro ! I have learned a lot from you Kim....thank you ! Seven more sleeps ! I am so excited !! ! ! Roger

Colin Carron
Good forms and colours. Very expressive!

Kim Slonaker
Thanks, Colin - just a different take on a sunflower.

Sarah Underhill
Very nicely done! Love it. Alot of texture.

C J Rupp
Wonderful shot Kim. Love the effect you have created. The textures make this.

Igor Laptev
Very nice work!

Els Wetting
This distortion you did is just GREAT, I see also the forms of a christmas tree in the black between the yellow petals. I like this kind of stuff, it is captivating

Gabriella Lucia
Wonderfull creative image and great lighting.

Ronnie Valentine
Outstanding! Lighting, color, composition... need I go on? A 7/7 if I ever saw one. Cheers, Ronnie

Carlos Castillejos
You confirm that the beauty is frequently in the eye of who is looking rather than the in subject. Very nice result!!

Kim Slonaker
Thanks to all of you for taking the time to visit and comment. Roger, I bet it's not really "sleeps" at this point, right? I know I didn't sleep a whole lot the week before I came down to Texas and not at all the night before!

Regina Chayer
To me... the petals resemble the wings of a beautiful yellow bird. Awesome Kim. This is one to print, frame and hang.

mike werkhoven
Geee, this get`s a bit like an icon, nice

Kim Slonaker
Thanks for stopping by, Regina and Mike.

Kim Slonaker
Thanks, Igor.

Kim Slonaker
Thanks, CJ. Will have to try printing this one out.

Howard Dion
Wonderful image. When I look at this, I feel movement.

Kim Slonaker
Thanks, Howard. The female form kind of looks like she is swaying with the wind.

Kim Slonaker
Thanks, Sarah. Els, I always like abstracts because everyone sees something different. I hadn't noticed a Christmas tree until you mentioned it.

Pnina Evental
Mother nature and you Kim created something els........Well executed. Pnina

scott clarke
So much wonderful work in your folder, all of it is excellent.

Olaf de Vries
The worshipping sunflower.. (worshipping the Father of nature.. :)

Joan Newhall
Hello Kim, So nice to see this on the Samples from opening page... Always know it's your work. Beautiful.

Linda Keagle
This is featured on the front page today, Kim...and I immediately recognized it as one of yours. So distinctive a could do a book of these!

Kim Slonaker
Thanks, all. Definitely a noticable style to these, I guess. :)

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