by Soini Hannu

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Published: Wednesday 23rd of June 2004 09:49:38 PM


Stormy Monday
very good composition

David Robinson
What a thrill to see in this simple scene such beauty. Masterful.

Pilou Face
Tremendous ! 7/7, with a little hope for better and sweeter tones on the bottom left. The surface of the water can afford a dizzy aspect from the breeze. Better seen smaller, but marvellous on large size. Warm congrats. Best regards.

Hannu Soini
Thank you! Thank You all of kind comments. One of my friends thought that it was taken under water:) It is not ...but some photo themes of that sort are coming.

Vladimir Krystof
Chinese characters The photo reminds me one special type of chinese characters, but cannot remember the name - bamboo, or grass-in-the-wind?

Ken Hassman
One of the nicest I have seen in a long time. Very excellent photo. You have a great eye to have picked this out. Did you crop or was this how you framed it and shot it? Ken

Hannu Soini
Thank You! The shot is very early in the morning and this is cropped - approximately 1/3 of the frame. As I saw the potential beauty of this view I shot 6-10 frames to make sure that I got one -which I liked most -and this is it -altough cropped:) Thanx again.

Juan T. Santiago
Hannu, very well done, a great reflection and a marvellous light. Congratulations

Charl Zacharyahs Mellin
Very Good Excellent! Kaikki on kaunista! Thank you Hannu for this excellent composition! Erittä©® kaunis ja puhdas kuva! God bless you! Carl

Hannu Soini
Waterplant reflections Early morning light made this somewhat "japanese" imageserie on the lake surface. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

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