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by Shaman Evgeniy

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Published: Wednesday 23rd of June 2004 09:41:03 AM


Evgeniy Shaman
To John Crosley This is my new photo art project - Late Angel, this one photo is from series...

John Crosley
Russian grittiness Evgeniy, I gave you relatively high ratings, despite what I take to be a poor quality reproduction -- it looks like it was hand developed and fogged. Is that just something you Photoshopped and did for effect -- if so I don't think it adds to this photo. If this is an old photograph, then you probably should have noted it, as such things are forgivable in older photographs -- photographers had to do with far less in older times in America, and in Soviet times, surely there were almost no resources, as I have found in my many trips to Russia since the fall of Communism. If you have the original negatives, I'd be interested in seeing a clear version of this photograph. (The cigarette holders are something I've never seen in Russia and suggest that this photo is very, very dated, as do the out of style sunglasses but the cross on the neck of the woman, left, does not). There is/was much "gritty" in Russia and this photo captures it. John

Jake Johnson
D70 John Hey John... silly european comment to yours. I am affraid this shot was not taken on film, if the property fields of the camera have been fileld in correctly. Personally I like the scene, but I would've liked them not looking directly at the camera, but minding their own business. Also, one model exhaling smoke would've made the picture more exiting then this almost 'mirrored' pose.

Alexey Pivovarov

gabriele lopez
I really like the atmosphere that it brings..it's a really nice mix of style, beauty and originality... I would like to see the next shots, after hearing is a project that you're working about.. Ciao!

Marc G.
I wish the 2 women would be separated a bit more, and that's mostly because the one at the back seems to have a much stronger expression. I like the mood and the effects.

Evgeniy Shaman
thanks to all...

Patrick Jakobsson
Love the intense look and expressions.. great composition.. superb work!!! 6/7 Patrick J

Evgeniy Shaman
Unwelcome guests want comments, thanks!

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