A Dutch Night Scene

by Tsoi Wilson

a dutch night scene seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 19th of June 2004 12:35:02 AM


Ken Beilman
Wilson Very nice indeed. Like the perspective and especially the lights on the water. This picture has a lot to look at. Looks like you got some compression artifact in the sky. All in all, a very good night shot.

Michele Berti
I like the composition amd the small lamps on the bridge gives a special mood to the shot. But to be honest I am not too much convinced about the sky, its colour looks too unreal to me.

Pawel Stradowski
Wilson, Although it may not be very original I give it 6/6 just because it's a night shoot. I like night photography and this one is very well done, Cheers

Roberto P
Very nice composition, light and colors!

Palmer Halvorson
Nice scene. I love the lights

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all... ...appreciate the feedback. I too wish the water was more still, unfortunately it was quite windy and very, very cold. Cheers ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks Biliana and Jayme for commenting. Jayme, no filter was used as the starburst effect natural happens at the smaller aperture. Wish the A80 has at least f11. The one manip I did was changing the sky color from dark, dark blue to puplish. Oh, definitely wash off the tabletop tripod legs back at the hotel! ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Very beautiful. On a trash can?..... What ever works! :) As a nurse, I must ask, did you wash your camera? :) The composition and DOF is perfect. Where you using a star filter or did you do this in PS? The purple sky really creates a mood of excitement and beauty!

Wilson Tsoi
Typically Cold, Winter Night in the Netherlands Thank you in advance for your time.

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