(( Tourist trap ))

by Kurt Bob

tourist trap seeking critique kurt bob

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Published: Friday 18th of June 2004 06:29:50 PM


Indraneel Majumdar
hmm... As I see, it obeys the rule of thirds. It is located at a proper corner to evoke speculation about it's origin. The cooler colour actually looks remote, just like the size of the object in a vast gray background. I cannot figure out what the mouse pointer is doing there, so more ??? here , which actually strengthens the theme. Overall, a nice representation of enigma. Does work in theory, but this is not a picture, just a concept (although important).

Craig Jenkins
Very Erotic! I like it. Its one of those compositions that someone either 'gets it' right away, or will never understand.

Bernard Manansala
Interesting... I don't get it... But interesting. Please enlighten us.

Manolis Spanakis
I don't like it but I will die for your right to publish it Of course we are tired of cursors and icons but I admire your courrage and perseverence to play with, and make something out of, them. (Somebody got an international scientific-photography price by playing around with horrible electrophoregraphs - don't ask me what these are - and coming up with a composition called "Metropolis" after the famous film). Very provocative and controvertial. Congratulations

Alejandro Gonzalez
-7/-7 MAN!!!!!! i wish there were -7 ratings... you just invented them!!

Rendben Zsoltán
this is not a photo, understand?

Radomir Masha Dikosavljevic
U, instigator of WWW Riots ;)) I LOVE your sense of humor, LOL!!! But be carefull, you may get stoned by the other 'photographers' :)))

pantelimonescu tudor

Meiko Janke
yea and here in this forum u are one of the best if u make nude pictures of nice girls - it sucks.... bob u great!!!! but for the humor take a look there is a button called "peopel who are many others intrested in...." in the workspace....take a look and take a look and write what u a thinking.....best regards meiko

Charles Webster
Nice! Thanks for having a sense of humor, which seems to be lacking in too many denizens of PN.

Bob Kurt
????? WWW

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