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Published: Thursday 17th of June 2004 05:48:05 PM


T ...
John - Maybe you declare an amnesty and see how many pictures you get returned to you from peoples hard disks lol

John Peri
... as an afterthought, it's a shame they didn't warn me first ... around 40 to 45 pictures gone ..oh well, had too many anyway!

John Peri
Ha David! that made me laugh! Thank you. No no, I want to pay like everyone of course. It was just that I had no more money on Pay Pal and I was a bit reluctant to give my credit card number. Anyway, it's done now!

David Vorland
I for one vote for a lifetime exemption for John from any limits on number of pictures kept on!

Jim Hayes
Tony, I sent all my "John" files to Canada until he declares amnesty.

John Peri
Tony, that's very nice of you to offer your support. Thank you, though David is a friend too. All I'm trying to say really is that one doesn't need my pictures in order to look at pretty girls. Most of my photos are candid unstudied shots which try to capture some of the personality of my models. The only reason they are unclothed is in order to show a side of themselves they usually keep private. The nudity is a means to an end but never a goal in itself. As regards technique, well, to do what I do you can only achieve it through candid portraiture and that cannot be done by using more formal methods. You can't take a young lady into a studio with props all over and say "and now be yourself".

T ...
John, From my point of view you are an artist and although I may offend some others here I will explain my reasons. Looking through old copies of Picture Post which has works by the iconic names of photography which are always used to exemplify how photographs should be, they all have at least one thing in common as far as people photography is concerned. That is they have all managed to capture something of the person that maybe someone else could not have. The trust and respect that you have for the ladies you photograph which requires humility and friendship allows you to capture those attributes in your work. If you were a painter you would know the technical side of how your brushes and paints work together to create the painting. You as a photographer have these skills but your materials are a camera, flash and film. You have said on other postings you "point and shoot", you do this knowing the results you will create and therefore you are a fine photographer and artist. I am not knocking the icons of photography, but at the same time photography didn't stop when they died, it simply evolved into sometimes a more "relaxed style" but still equally a valid one. I'll now put my tin hat on and wait for the projectiles to come through the window from the puritans.

John Peri
David, it's very hard to say where art begins or ends. To portray an image that one can identify with may have an interest that can be taken into consideration apart from that of the usual normes. There are situations where technique may excel, but of what use is it if the result has no appeal? I have learned to sacrifice technique when photographing my models so as to better achieve my objective. If I were to set up strobe lights and look after each and every detail so as to try and create something "artistic", my models would long ago have got up to leave. At any rate, certainly they would not be laughing like they are in the majority of my pictures. So whereby the humility is there, and rightly so, I do believe also that my contribution if any should not be attributed to the pretty girls so much as the fact that they have accepted to reveal a side of themselves which it is not always easy to capture. Strangely, the models themselves are the ones that are the most aware of that, which is partly why I succeed in getting them to pose for me. If a squashed pumkin glued to the wall by Yoko Ono can be called art, then maybe what I do may be considered as another form of art too?! If people are really only interested in looking at pretty girls, as you imply, they will be very much deceived because nothing that I have ever produced can compare favourably with even a single issue of one of those glossy magazines that are available on every street corner. What I photograph is the student, the lawyer, the anaesthesiologist ... you won't find them in there.

John Peri
Did I understand correctly. Is someone finally comparing a woman to a beautiful landscape or a sunset? .... :-)

Mike Averdal
Let us not return any of John's photos - let us wait for what ever new comes up! Whatever is lost - is just like that fraction of a hesitation and then the lost moment forever captured on film.. Isn't that one of the corner stones with photographing - the thrill of being able to grab the moment or everything is gone? John - i hope you will continue share your master pieces with us. My first ever comment on photo-net disappeared together with your folder. I was anyway able to track down your reply. I think we do not need to argue over what was most valuable for the comunity.. . And John - you have truly choosen your neighbors well.. LOL. I've taken your hint with the bottle of champagne to my heart. Will it work on a classic sunset?

T ...
John - Why not? Both have natural curves, are kissed by the light creating a beautiful interplay between colours, tones and organic textures, are aesthetic to the eye and can generate a range of different emotions in the viewer. Yep sounds good to me and a woman can appreciate ones work, be taken out to dinner and it's much easier to stop for a fresh coffee if working in a studio or other building lol ;-)) Pedro - My pleasure it's the Irish in me and your English is very good. David - How about a pretty girl surrounded by "squashed pumpkins"? I'm going to get told off for using the comments as a chat forum (again) oops.

T ...
John, very true as there are many well captured pictures of "pretty girls" on this site, but then we all have our own styles and yours is quite unique. I feel there are many here and those that visit who don't photograph nudes who are not aware that we do so in order to capture something of the person which is hidden or changes when they are fully clothed. But I guess I'm as bad as them because for example although I like looking at sunsets in real life, I can't understand why some people spend hours waiting for the right light lol

Mike Averdal
Hmm.. i think what it all comes down to.. is the fact (anyone opposing?) that taking a snap-shot of a child, a sunset or a smashed pumpkin with a natural and relaxed end-result is a bit easier than taking photos of adults - men or women. Therefore a question for you John - the relaxed sense in your models posture.. i have hard to believe that your chilled champagne bottles are doing all of that work? No, no, no - i don't want any answer. I'm very happy for your gift but i'm personally also very happy for your humbleness of sharing the result of that tremendously hard work with all of us. I admit without hesitation - i'm highly visually thrilled by a correctly portrayed beautiful landscape, a seductive sunset or a sports vehicle with the curves on the sensual correct places. Just as i am with women. But there is a third dimension with you women that makes you end up in top of my own ranking. Do i owe anyone an excuse for being human?

John Peri
Mike, obviously I agree with you or I would be photographing pumkins. Seriously though, I think that a very important ingredient is what kind of a relationship one builds up with the models. I think that friendship, trust and complicity are the key words here, and all three share equal importance in my view.

Patrick (Washington, DC)
john, bummer w/ the deleted photos, but why don't you get your own domain and set up a portfolio that you have 100% control over?

John Peri
Single photos My file of single photos has been deleted ... I guess I better renew my subscription or the rest will disapppear too !

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