Late angel: 5 hours after incident...

by Shaman Evgeniy

late angel hours after incident moscow seeking critique shaman evgeniy

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Published: Wednesday 16th of June 2004 11:40:57 AM


Eugeny Kozhevnikov
i ni zdes'! kuda podat'sia.... :)))))))

Evgeniy Shaman
Death # p0327MT

hernan saab
hits the spot! Amazing photo. Did you add that angel into the photo? The darker than usual choice is perfect because it adds up to the dark and misterious nature of the photo.

Nathan Chia

Kostas _
Nice...a little bit on the dark side for me though. I would have made it a little more "rusty" too. Matter of taste I guess.

Evgeniy Shaman
To hernan saab No, she (angel) is already in shot, this is a full composition!

Owen O'Meara
Great image, well thought out and executed. -Owen

Marc G.
Great, just great... A tad dark in some parts perhaps, but still great...

marco prenninger
wow...i'm speechless!!!! beautiful! how did u manage the thing with the wings, did he or she wear them during the shooting, or is that photo shop magic ;-) ???

Marek Mengel
Damn good

Emil Schildt
excellent I really like this.
truely moody and the idea o fan angel being late makes me think.

the only little thing I find too much is actually the title. I'd leave it with "late Angel".. nothing more.

Evgeniy Shaman
thanks to all!

Roberto Roseano
Good idea well executed. Bravo: 7/7. mandi, Roberto

Ozgur Donmaz
fantastic one of the best i've ever seen here... congrats! OD

selim aksan
my kind of shot... one of my top shots on PN... thanks for sharing...

Evgeniy Shaman
Late angel series want comments, thanks!

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