The Bride and Groom's table

by Ball Mary

the bride and grooms table ball mary

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Published: Tuesday 15th of June 2004 04:02:22 PM


Landrum Kelly
Very nicely done, Mary--very elegant work, as usual.

Mary Ball
Normally a shot like this would be no bigger than 5x7. Unfortunately sometimes you can't get the room "finished" with the candles etc... as we're off doing group shots and by the time we get there some people are sitting or have their personal effects on the tables and jackets on the chairs... We got this one before the ceremony.. As to size and 35mm.... I don't think 35 mm film suffers with enlargement up to 11x14 when the camera is steady. In fact I have some great 16x20's with 100 speed film... Film is so much better than it was back in the day when medium format was the only way to go.

Len Marriott
Nice addition to the album! Mary, Bounce lighting works fine in these circumstances, along with a slow shutter speed to register some backgound details. How nice it would have been to have had the candles lit to complete the scene. What is the most common size of shots like this that go into the albums you provide? Just curious as I see that you use 35mm. Best, LM.

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