"Sun Break at Unicorn Peak"

by Tsoi Wilson

sun break at unicorn peak seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 15th of June 2004 12:39:25 AM


Ken Beilman
Wilson Very good composition. You did well with such harsh lighting. Not much color in it, but that's not necessarily bad. Looks like you might have or could coaxe some more clouds out of the sky that could provide some more interest. Regards.

Howard Dion
I agree with Ken, and would add a congratulations with how you handled the snow in the foreground without any burn out.

Wilson Tsoi
Joe, it was aperture priority at f11, in-camera matrix meter off the forground trees, exposure locked, then recomposed. I normally give this film additional 1 stop of exposure. I feel that it's the best "1 film" compromise that has reasonably saturated colors, is more than workable portrait/wedding, and possesses good speed/sharpness/grain combo. Ken & Howard, thank you for your kind feedback.

Joe Basinger
Comment For the type of picture this is you hit your mark. I love using this film also.I used it at the Grand Canyon and loved it. Would be curious of your settings for this shot, if you remember or care to share.

Marita Toftgard
very majestic work... lovely place...

Salvatore Mele
I also congratulate you on the composition [I like the different focal planes] and the exposure [the small ripples in the side light snow are impressive] Cheers,

Gabriella Lucia
The trees are a little dark but great job with the less than favorable lighting conditions.

Alec Ee
Nice one Wilson, I like the way the trees lit up on the foreground from the reflection of the snow. Great composition.

Pradeep Raghunathan
good composition this is a very good composition, nothing much to nitpick here. cheers!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you everyone for commenting. Much appreciated.

Henri Manguy
Very nice landscape, and a good square croping for it.

Palmer Halvorson
Nice! I don't mind the soft colors. I like the square crop on this one.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
New stuff from Wilson for the New Year, please!! ;-)

Wilson Tsoi
Backlit Cascade Range, Thoughts? Taken near Paridise late Spring when there was a break in weather. Thanks in advance for your time.

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