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by Peri John

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Exif Information:
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Monday 14th of June 2004 04:22:38 PM


David McCracken
Leaning Forward! I like this John! Looking at it I feel a little off balance. Wonder if anyone else feels this. She is such a lovely girl, I think no one will care!

Sarah Kane
there are few things in this world that are sexier than a woman in a man's shirt... Beautiful portrait John!

tony wilson
THE SHIRT OFF YOUR BACK " You lucky dog"

Timo Hartikainen
I would like to see her eyes better, they are now quite dark, but her expression is very good.

T ...
John a beautiful and natural picture as always. I really like the way you have captured the tones of both her skin and your white shirt. There's something really satisfying in capturing each of them accurately and you have succeeded in capturing both. I would also like to see her eyes a little clearer and the highlights on her nose and cheek are slightly distracting. However that said another wonderful capture in your own individual style. Tony

Paul Thurlow
Nice Nice John

Andrea Salini
7/7 John, this is really really beautiful, light, pose, composition.....congratulations!

Peter Tucci
Nice lighting--looks like you had a softbox almost overhead. The hotspots on her nose don't bother me (zone I is a zone too). She probably has nice eyes, which you really can't tell with this light. Also impressve is the rappor you obviously had with the model.

John Peri
I have thought about this, because many of the photos turned out the same. The young lady has deeply set eyes which are often a little closed. The result is that there is rarely much brilliance in the eyes. In real life though, her look is gorgeous, so I guess it doesn't really matter!

Laszlo Horvath
Very nice Very nice picture John, very sexy.

Koen Luykx
Do u have an email adress John? I would like to ask you something about your models. I'm a starting photographer, and have some questions about how u get those models so relaxed and if it cost a lot to hire them, or do they work pro bono? Thx in advance

Pete Rosendorf
Good glamour shot, John. The background is a bit distracting althought no one will probably notice.

sogeri pilpoil
...did you borrow her car ? ;-) Seriously, I do like the shadow at the bottom of her face, it enhances the relief.

John Peri
Koen, my e-mail is available to everyone by clicking on my name. I don't think I have anything useful to say about the models. They are friends and we all have those ....mine are no different from yours. As for the relaxation, there is no magic formula. If you are nice to them and get them to trust you, give them a glass of champagne, put some good music on ... and spend a little more time laughing than you actually do taking photos ... then it should work out just fine! .... PS. you can see the bottle of Champagne on the table ... Oh yes! I do have some advice, open only half bottles at a time so that it is always cold !!

Koen Luykx
So the magic starts with bubbles. Thx for the fast reply, and the fanatastic pictures. As for me, I hope one day I can gain so much trust from my lady friends.

Sarah Kane
Had to come back and look at this one again... her expression is so beautiful!

Adam D. Green
Looks like she stayed the night at your place, and was just getting dressed in the morning. I love the look of comfort and the look of confidence.

Foureyes .
the beauty of this photo is the candid-unplaned quality of it !!!!!...very nicely done.

John Peri
Thank you. I particularly appreciate the second half of the remark. I probably work as hard on the confidence part as on the photos themselves !

David Noble
There's something about this picture that makes you want to go back to it again and again and again. Nice shirt, by the way.

John Peri
Later in the session .. She borrowed my shirt for the picture ....

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