Artfully Forbidden

by Tsoi Wilson

artfully forbidden seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 12th of June 2004 12:33:26 AM


Marita Toftgard
love the title! absolutely brilliant work....

Pnina Evental
Nice composition with that gate. Pnina

Anthony Peterson
I know of a very artistic gate -(not like this, but like this)- and I've been trying to figure out how to shoot the intricacies of the finials while contending with an unusual background. It's not easy. I think you have accomplished a difficult task. Good job.

Daniel Lee
Lovely and sharp? Wouldn't want to fall on it. (",)

Bill Cardwell
Like the lighting and the perfect depth of field.

Bart Thielges
I like the composition. the gold tips really stand out against the blue sky, but get lost against the building in the background.

Wilson Tsoi
Hi Joe, indeed I uploaded this 4 years ago. Figure it's about time to get you guys' critiques. Ken, as soon as the upload is finished, voila, the compression artifacts! Anyone knows how to avoid this?

Pawel Stradowski
Nice, Very nice except for compression, which is none of your fault Cheers

Asim H.
very "elegant" shot. i like how you have blues extending down in the midst of the brown background of the building, with the browns of the building rising into the blue of the sky. definitely like the color symmetry. I'd be curious to see how this would look with even less DOF.

Ken Beilman
Wilson Very nice rendering of a not unusual sight. Although somewhat harsch, nice lighting. The lines and colors are very pleasing. Is that compression noise that I'm seeing around the gold tips in the blue background sky?

Howard Dion
Wilson: I like the shot. Like how you handled the DOF. Well seen and well executed.

Maria Conversano
Great photo. Perfect use of the light and cropping.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for y'all feedback, truly appreciate it. ^_^

Ray Wei
Form, colors, composition, subject, exposure, clarity -- all appealing to us. Wonderful job.

Ryan Buck
Very cool. I love this. It's a wonderful shot.

CR: Another inspiration... RE

Wilson Tsoi
"Artfully Forbidden" (Old Time Favorite.) Form, colors, composition, subject, are these elements appealing to you? Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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