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by Peri John

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Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Portrait

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Published: Wednesday 9th of June 2004 06:38:31 PM


T ...
John I think her reflection in the window glass really sets this one apart. Beautiful as always of course. Tony

Mike Smith
One of the best shot in your porfolio. This one combines sensuallity and desire with a composition that makes the viewer wonder about what she is thinking about, what just happened and what might happen next. My only suggestion would be to darken the sky a little to give more tension to the picture. But that's by far one of my favorite.

Adrian Maniutiu
another one that's very good! Well, what could I say...? technically I have nothing to add. the whole scenery is well captured and the lights are great. but regarding the pose: I'm not very happy with the way your model holds her left foot. but that's a minor fact and just my opinion... so, this is nevertheless a very felicitous shot and I like the result very much. BTW: I'm still waiting for you to post that street-shot in-between shooting sessions... (the one with the model looking for cloths inside the car)... ;) . Cheers,

John Peri
Thanks Jim, Tony. Cedric - I'll try that. Thank you.

Bilal Zaheer
John we keep seeing pictures of stunning babes from you, till we get numb. and yet every now and then you come up with a picture thats jaw dropping. this is certainly one of them! beautiful. The arch like structure on left side and the partial reflection of the model in the window add a very nice touch. The aesthetics of the model herself need no words to describe!

Ray Wei
Congrats again, John.

Tawhid Uddin
I want to see her face.

Howard Dion
John, really like this image. It's like a painting. Regards, Howard

Tom H
oh man, I want to be a windowscleaner now.

Jeff Fiore
Nicely done! Good exposure and composition. Oh yea... and a breathtaking model. Excellent!

John Peri
Thanks Howard. Ok, I resisted saying it until now, but I will. She was actually taking a break! Then she noticed some neighbours opposite and she picked up her shirt .....

JF Ochoa

Sheldon Hambrick
! Good God Man! You are the Pimp-a-saurous of glamour photo!

Jeff Moody
anyone heard of the book "room with a view"!?! The lighting and creativity of pose really set this one apart... what a shot!

Jim Hayes
Geez John, not sure I could "sit" with her in the room, nor could the view ever again be so wonderful. Makes me think of the B.Dylan song. "Go away from my window, but go at your own chosen speed." But then I always was a sucker for a pretty face. Thanks again for the share.

W J Gibson
excellent work if work is the right word such a rich image, great beauty, an intriguing terrace view...to say the least

Alberto Conde
can't say anything intelligent and new after so many comments. What only is left for me to say is:


Wilson Tsoi
Some of your work is becoming very painterly like, and this is one of the best yet. BTW, good one, David ("floss more often.") You got me mcCracken again!

Roberto P
It really communicate the mood of the moment. Very nice!

Curt T.
john what would this shot be if she were clothed? Just curious to your thoughts. And I will give you mine. chris

John Peri
Thanks Pedro, I'm really glad you like it.

Ken Thalheimer
Very good work. Photo's not bad either. Seriously, John there's a hint of reflection in the window which works well. This would also be good had she been clothed. The gaze into the distance keeps one's interest

Francesco Martini
VERY GOOD...landscape!!! seriously...this is a very good composition of image... also a perfect exposure!!!

Min Kim
comment I love her shoes

Jay Dixon
Intriguing Something markedly different. She's positioned well in the frame and I don't need to see her face to imagine her beauty, Great location. I envy you that.

ruslan kuruz
yes, yes ! but what is the best about the picture - it's John's comment "The view from my sitting room window ..." as I can assume, such girls are always all around there...

John Peri
Difficult question Chris, I think that the effect is very much due to the stance and silhouette of the model which would be largely lost if she were dressed. Also the fact that she is facing outwards with a protective stance. In fact, the neighbours were on the balcony ... so it all has some kind of logic to it as is ....

Alejandro Gonzalez
wow, both picture and model perfect!!

George Vachev
my opinion this is your best shot. :) thanks/my eye says/ :)))

John Peri
Viewpoint The view from my sitting room window ...

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