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by Peri John

jl nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Published: Wednesday 9th of June 2004 01:13:29 PM


John Peri
Many thanks I appreciate that. I try to do it with a little humour ....

Maarten van Hoven
Ohhh Myyy God!!! I will rate this considering it an essay...

T ...
John A whole mini series in one posting I'm impressed. I'm also very impressed by the way you have captured the textures in that dress and how tactile it looks. As always your skin tones and textures are spot on with the exposure. And yes like David I'm also so jealous. Tony

Foureyes .
you give this site a very nice perk !!!!

John Peri
I'm sorry, as you can see, someone thought of it before you !

John Peri
... especially since ....

John Peri
... they are always together !

John Peri
The only problem is where to make these poor girls change on a busy street ...

John Peri
.. but she was very understanding ....

Mike Matini
John great capture, the model looks a little shy. But you have done well with your flash and you have brough out her great skin. Well done.

John Peri
Yes, she is a little shy. She is in her late teens and has not been photographed before.

Christopher Woodby
Very naughty. Living the good life two blondes at a time

Ryan Wright
Her and In 22 are not related are they. PS-Great shot.

Hernest Ernesti Luchino
bravooo john! she is so dangerously beautiful...

John Peri
The car again It would have been most unfair not to photograph the cousin too ...

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