Sunny Central Washington

by Tsoi Wilson

sunny central washington seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 9th of June 2004 07:07:20 AM


Ram Thakur
Beautiful picture with a pleasing balance of colors. The depth of view is very impressive.

Gabriella Lucia
Wonderfull depth.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all your valuable feedback... The uninteresting forground subject is indeed true, but I failed to identify anything else more interesting. In fact, without lots of greenery here, I wonder if it will appear even more lifeless. I'll try different thing & will get back. Thanks again.

Ken Beilman
Wilson the aesthetics are very nice. The color, sky, and perspective are very pleasing. I just don't find the foreground subject that interesting. Regards.

Howard Dion
I can't tell you how to make better, I can only enjoy. HJD

T. S.
Wilson A very good crop, all rules maintained. I also like to colors and the clouds. It?s not that much innovative, but I cannot say that it?s not original. I really like it and I like that you made it in square

William Chapman
With only a monitor view to judge by, I can almost assure you that it would be impossible to have sharp focus DOF in this shot using f8. The foregroud is much to close in relation to the distant clouds.

Wilson Tsoi
It's also impossible at f8 with my SLR... ...but with my puny little A80, I manage to get by (may be due to the small size sensor?) Had I been 3 feet closer to the green shrub, then I wouldn't have achieve the depth of field. I just have to work with what I got. BTW, your Tibetan Horseman is one of the most memorable image to me on PN. Thanks William for dropping in ^_^

Pradeep Raghunathan
hmmmm you prove time and time again, that its not the camera, but the person behind it which matters. i love the way the sky and clouds look, lot of depth in it, but i am not too pleased with the plants in the foreground, or maybe less of it? i think you should have avoided the foreground to occupy so much space in your photo. cheers!

Pawel Stradowski
Nice I fild it very pleasing and also original. Most of all it's not boring and I like it! Cheers

Alec Ee
I will be tempted to take this shot during midday as well. Just to capture the beautiful cloud formation. Nice composition in an otherwise barren place.

Roberto P
Wilson, it is nice and well executed in my opinion. Nonetheless I feel that a real subject is missing...Despite this fact it's a nice shot!

W Byrn
Love the foreground brush.Anyone that has been in the country between the Rockies and the Coast Range feels right at home with this composition. The world is not only a sunrise sunset place.This is a very nice midday rendition of this terrain.I spent many years looking at this between a horses ears.I guess if you only see it through a car window zooming by it all looks the same. w byr

Wilson Tsoi
Yep, typical vegetation of the Plateau... Thanks W. Byrn, these plants are everywhere east of the Cascades. Roberto & Henri, thanks for the suggestion. I actually cropped of a bit already, but feel that it's important to leave them still as a forground focal anchor. Cheers!

Henri Manguy
I can mistake, but I think that if you had avoid the bush the composition would have been better, with three goemetric masses of colours.

Wilson Tsoi
Daylight Central Washington Landscape, works? Central Washington Landscape taken during vacation drive in harsh daylight, still work, or not? Thanks.

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