"Another Brick (well, Needle) in the Wall."

by Tsoi Wilson

another brick well needle in the wall seattle seek tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 8th of June 2004 04:08:04 AM


Salvatore Mele
It is great... although I like Skinny more. It's a vertical object, after all! Cheers,

Pradeep Raghunathan
i like this bettter this is awesome, definitely better than the previous skinny one, the colors, the patterns, the gradations, its just awesome, this looks like modern art at its best. cheers and kudos for such an original work.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you guys for all your feedback. So far, it heavily leans toward this version, something like 3:1. You guys got to be sick of the Space Needle after this week. Cheers!

Kim Slonaker
I prefer this one. I like the space around the shapes. Nice colors and a great abstract.

Ken Beilman
Wilson You should upload the skinny one to this page so it'll be easier to do an AB comparison.

Pawel Stradowski
Much better This one is really nice, very good for a poster in a modern apartment. Really good work!

Roberto P
Great colors and reflection!

Wilson Tsoi
...thank you all for your kind feedback... ...perhaps the more conventional aspect ratio is more agreeable to most of us?

Francesco Martini
this is a great abstract!!!!!!

Aaron Bratcher
Clever...I think I actually like this one better...The upper left portion of the skinny one is a little too blown out, I think...One of my favorite aspects is the color shift from the purple to blue, and I think it's represented better in this version. Both are great shots though!

Ken Beilman
Wilson After Abing the two, the second is definitely better and leaves little important content out compared to the first, considering the different crop. Nice work!

Rob Millett

Wilson Tsoi
Comparision to the Skinny Version Ken, thanks for the reminder. Here's the earlier, "Skinny."

Michele Berti
That's amazing: original, composition, colours.... really great! Well done!

David McCracken
Must stop by more often! I like this Wison. I haven't seen the other one yet. I have not been on p.n as much as I would like recently. Long story! I will stop by and look in more detail later. Regards

Wilson Tsoi
Another Needle in a Haystack? For better or for worse? Which do you think works better for YOU? The previous skinny version, or this? Thanks in advance for your time.

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