Demonstration of a body #4

by Amelkovich Igor

demonstration of a body nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

Gallery: NUDE & EROTIC

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Monday 7th of June 2004 02:24:54 PM


Morgan Krista
Excellent Job! When I see a picture I know instantly its yours. Your photos are amazing! Excellent job, keep it up!

T ...
Hi Igor For me this is the best in this recent series. Tony

Jim Hayes
Igor If it was your purpose to make us all fall in love with this model, you have succeeded beyond your wildest expectations. As alway your work is wonderful.

Hanna Cowpe
Well sorry John; I guess I should have added IMHO ;*}

Michele Berti
Great pose. Beautiful model. Love the lightening and the greyscale. Well done.

Hanna Cowpe
I like the tonal range and composition and details like the texture of her hair and her ribcage are very eyecatching. But when viewing the large version I find the textural detail in the wall just above her breast very distracting, and the hot area on her chest a bit strong. Overall still an attractive image.

John Keiffer
Okay, I'll be the only one to disagree. I like the other shots more. This one seems contrived and a bit awkward compaired to the others. Her pose is too fake, and she too jammed up into the right corner. What are the boots for anyway? I'll just keeep looking at the other ones instead.

Barry Carlton
Igor's model has a face!

Eduard Nikoliqi
7/7 I love your work. Every single picture in your portfolio is perfect. Respect.

Rob Millett
Another great shot. I like the power of the fully highlighted (sp?) bit, but her right leg seems strange to be obscurred so. But then it also makes me look further. hmmm.... 6/7

Floriana Barbu
How beautiful!!!

Stephen Galea
A W E S O ME Well done again...i am especilly trived by the lightning you use!! Keep up the good work!

Igor Amelkovich
Demonstration of a body #4 One more ...

Jas Wallis
do you sell your photos ?

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