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by Peri John

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Published: Sunday 6th of June 2004 08:27:05 PM


Laszlo Horvath
I agree with you that rules are only a guidance. Art is just about that, about being original. But still human anatomy HAS to be respected, this is why at every arts school they have it as compulsory subject matter. It doesn't limit your artistic expression if you do NOT mutilate the subjects of your photos. That dosesn't mean that you have to include all the limbs of your subject in the image. Just do not cut them at the joints. It's really ugly.

John Peri
Laszlo, I'm delighted to have everyone's opinion and my job is to respond. That is why I post my pictures here! However I find your analysis rather narrow minded. Sometimes circumstances force one to take a picture in a certain way. In this particular case, it is not so. I tried various options and this is definitely what worked best, so there are no rules to apply. Personally, I like her knee in the picture and noone else seems to have objected. As for her leg being flat, I am still wondering what you mean (focus, sunburn?)! That being said, I have posted a whole portfolio of "cut-off limbs" as you call them, some of which have been published... http://www.photo.net/photodb/folder?folder_id=192809 ...I have correponded with you in private and have tried to reply to your concerns. However, my feeling is that your recent attitude is more closely aligned to the fact that I asked you very politely to comment on the pictures and not the physical attributes such as the breasts of the models, which is very embarrasing for them when they read these remarks. I notice that you did that elsewhere too, where you asked if a woman had implants! You really must understand that this is a photo discussion group and not a glamour magazine. Now, if you really find my work is mutilated and ugly, as you have said during your last few visits, I fully sympathize and respect your taste. You will find lot's of other beautiful work on PN which is closer to your liking. Every day I discover something new and exciting that I admire and which continues to influence my work. I feel now that this rather sterile conversation has run it's course, but if you really feel compelled to persue it, I would ask you to do it in private. This really does not interest anyone else.

Paul Pinkley
good framing John

T ...
John It's those small yet unique touches I love about your work, such as whatever it is she is holding in her right hand. beautifully captured as always. Tony

John Peri

Laszlo Horvath
The left leg of the girl looks pretty much flat. Furthermore it is not recommended to cut a persons limbs at the joints, like you did with her legs.

Chris Kuettner
Hey John, Is this the cousin????

John Peri
I think that what is important is whether a picture balances out, not whether any imagined rules have been followed. In fact, within, reason, I would say that anything that moves away from the traditional approach tends to enhance the interest that a photo lay have, rather than the opposite. I am not refering to this image above which has really nothing about it to merit such attention.

John Peri
Interesting. I will have to tell her to go the the jym more often.

Jason McKenna
Her left leg is flat, from my perspective; all but one dimension disappears in that area.

John Peri
Red Bikini Just a portrait in the doorway ...

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