"Up the Stairs"

by Tsoi Wilson

up the stairs seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 5th of June 2004 04:01:08 AM


Pawel Stradowski
Wilson, 6/6 Wonderful idea, but as always´┐Ż I have to pretend a smart ass. IMHO the tower is way too much off level. The crop is not dynamic as could, so I would suggest to fix the level to make the tower straight and level, as this is the only item on the photo that should be leveled. I did a quick reediting and please see what a simple operation can make it more dynamic and perhaps better. Cheers

Kim Slonaker
Like the b&w and the dizzying effect this has.

Howard Dion
I think, I agree with Pawel on the crop. The angles don't work for me. HJD

Al Gee
like this shot! just a thought... if you are still in the area, go back and put 8x10 prints on those metal frames, and then reshoot. i think it would make a great abstract. A.

Pradeep Raghunathan
I agree i agree with the angle too, cheers!

Francis Cailles
terrific lines, tones and composition...excellent.

Sacha De Carlo
B/W works perfectly here. Tones are good! Nice!

Wilson Tsoi
...thanks everyone for your feedback... ...appreciate all the comments and suggestions. Pawel, I'll definitely will keep that point in mind, you know the one about keeping the main subject matter perpendicular. As for this one, I didn't leave enough room for it, so it'll have to stay this way, "The Leaning Tower of Seattle." Al, that's an interestingly weird idea that sounds quite creative. Unfortunately since Seattle is home, it's very difficult to find the time, having to break away from everyday routine of family life. I consider it already very lucky to get a the photo op that afternoon (does this sound familiar to anyone here?!) Thanks again. ^_^

Alec Ee
Great possibilities here Wilson. B/W is not really my preference as you can see from my site but I like this in b/w and the tones you have here is awesome! Good job.

Pnina Evental
Wilson, It is an interesting composition, I agree with the others about the angle. Pnina

Wilson Tsoi
Stairway to Needle... Figure this might work in B&W. Captured as such, and cropped for square format. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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