"Funny Flower"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Saturday 5th of June 2004 03:35:10 AM


Pawel Stradowski
Wilson, 6/6 with comments. I would myself use a tripod, focus on the flower and close aperture to f. 22 to have perfect all-around sharpens. The flower is too blurred IMHO. The other thing is compression of the file. On the edges of flowers there are visible JPEG artifacts, which could be fixed in PS.

Kim Slonaker
Great colors. DOF bothers me somewhat, too, but I still like it.

Howard Dion
Feel like I am following in Pawel'a footsteps. I second his notion. HJD

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Pradeep. No saturation here.

Wilson Tsoi
...thank you all for your valuable feedback... ...I agree with all those whom commented about this shot needing more depth of field to render flowers and Needle sharp, especially when wind was howling. Do keep in mind however that a digital compact, Canon A80 was used, and the minimum aperture is only at f8. A tripod is out of the question as the camera is already couple inches off the ground, and in turn, 2 inches away from the flowers. The wind was approximately 10 miles per hour, so the only thing I can hold still was that very flower in the front (other than the camera itself.) As for the JPG artifact, it definitely doesn't exist in my files (as well as most other folks, I'm sure,) but for whatever reason, they often time show up as such on this site. Sorry, don't know here *!@? Thank you all so far for replying. ^_^

Pradeep Raghunathan
hmmmmm i love the angle, very nice compostion, nitpicking, i agree about the tripod, if not anything, keep it on the ground and do it u have a swivel lcd right? secondly the sky seems to bluem did u saturate the colors? over all i love this. cheers!

Francis Cailles
fantastic....hands clapping!!

Peter Apostol
Very good angle, wonderful color rendition

Thomas Collins
Boy, you had fun with that ole needle! This looks great!

Edwin Mendoza
Beutiful way to look at the needle.

kristin morales
I love this original perspective for the needle!

Vicki Passmore
This is cool! Great imagination.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for your feedback and taking the time.

Wilson Tsoi
The rise of a Funny Flower... Another one from the afternoon detour. Thank you in advance for your time.

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