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Published: Friday 4th of June 2004 05:19:46 PM


John Peri
Jim, you are funny. WJ, I'm not really sure what you mean? You are probably joking, but if you really mean the processing, I'll answer anyway, I do it at the supermarket (don't think anyone bothers to look at the photos there) and then scan the photos and print the enlargements at home. As for the cousin, she is gorgeous, but maybe a little shy. I'm really not too sure what it will give.

W J Gibson
boredom not possible Pardon my asking but do you get free lab work?

T ...
John I'm sure if anyone can persuade her cousin to pose it will be you ;-) Tony

John Peri
Thanks David. That is precisely why I post two or three pictures below an original sometimes. I'm photographing her 19 year old cousin today. I have a feeling she is going to want to do photos in the car too, since this is what inspired her to accept in the first place ... but then .. I don't have to post them , do I !!

David McCracken

Jim Hayes
What a showman John, always leave them wanting more. Alas, I do think that the mention of her cousin, is in poor taste. Now, I being Pavlov's favorite dog, will have to wait, salivating to see what is in store for us next from the master. Are you sure you don't write for the TV soap operas on the side????? signed your wayward Canonite admirer. Jim

John Peri
... bye .. !

R Poolman
This one I like. Does not look like she is posing. like a snapshot, if you know what I mean.

George Becker
I don't think so. How could anyone get bored with Great photography?

John Peri
Ok ok, so I took photos of her younger cousin this afternoon ..... once she has seen the results (and me too), I will ask her if I can post some ... I must admit that she was a truly charismatic model.

Chris Kuettner
Hi John, You can't get enough of this model/car combination can you??? Hmmm, come to think of it, neither can I! Good shot (yet again!)

Chris Kuettner
Onward with the cousin! Allways remember though, without the talent and skill of the photographer, these girls would not appear as they do!

Alberto Conde
A real erotic fantasy! Good shot and good series

marco prenninger
great!!!! its just another cool pic man!!!! newton'esque almost ;-)

John Peri
Street folies ... You must be really bored of this series .. so this is quite definitely the last one .... on the other hand, I'm photographing her younger cousin tomorrow, so ... she may re-appear as a prop ..

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