"Needle in a Hay Stack"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Friday 4th of June 2004 03:31:36 AM


Wilson Tsoi
..thank you for your kind feedback... ...really appreciate your responses. Howard, after walking around to find reflections that'll work, I compose this shot off the EMP exterior wall. Ken, indeed I cropped 50% off the original capture that contains more of the purple-magenta color. This decision is a compromise between a.) a very vertical final image that compositionally agreeable to me, and b.) the original frame that has too much purple-magenta plain area (perhaps I'll post the original capture later.) Joe, thanks for the Alice in Wonderland comparison. It takes others' eyes and experiences to point out these sort of subtleties and resemblences in ones' own works. As far as the intense colors are concern, they are real, courtesy of the Experience Music Project (EMP) reflective, cameleon-ish, colorful, stainless steel (at least it looks that way,) exterior panels. Thanks again everyone ^_^

Thomas Collins
Wow, this is a very nice rendition of the space needle! Quite unique!

Alec Ee
Lovely Wilson, you are a pro when it comes to reflections.

Kim Slonaker
I like this one a lot. Nice abstract with great colors and lighting.

Howard Dion
Not sure how you did this, but the end result is most impressive. Lots of movement...nice.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you Guido, Pradeep, Pawel, Thomas, Kyle, Prina, Alec, and Kim for commenting. Kim, this is the EMP with Space Needle suit ^_^

Els Wetting
I enjoy, all the way, thanks for sharing. the colors are wonderfull, very different to look at, surprising me, and I know it is not important, but to me it is, an excellent title.

Peter Apostol
Excellent colors - reflection, bravo!

Albert Yu
nice use of the planes body!

Ken Beilman
Wilson Very creative shot. I really like the colors. The lines are interesting enough to draw you into the photo and try to figure out what's happening. The only thing I don't like is the extreme verticality. However, printed larger, I think this would look good framed and hanging on a wall.

Eric Rose
I quite like the abstract here, very pleasing colours and shapes. I just wish you had refrained from telling us what it is. I know, it's my fault for reading and not typing first.

Guido Fulgenzi
Great idea and beautiful color!

Pradeep Raghunathan
wow this is so colorful wilson, i agree u should not have mentioned what it is, handheld, and just while u were waiting, isnt it funnuy that most of the good shots are by accident ;) ??? good shot wilson i like it cheers!

Henri Manguy
Excellent. Well seen, well done.

Pawel Stradowski
Definitely original Definitely original and very nice collors. I don't believe I can add anything more. I just like it

Pnina Evental
Thank you Wilson twice! It is a very nice abstract, looks like a painting! and the second is your visit..... Pnina

Dmitriy Smotrov
Better than mine Great work! I think it turned out way better than my shot of the same wall. If you have time, see it in my portfolio.

Igor Laptev
Very nice work!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks S'Else, Henri, Dmitriy, and Igor for taking the time.

Richard Mitchell
Again (and again), you create beautiful images! The colors and abstract shapes are beautiful and well positioned. An excellent picture!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Richard for dropping in. I guess we're lucky around here to have a Frank Gehry architecture (also Gugenheim Museum in Biboa, Spain, and Disneys Concert Hall) to work with. Figure might as well make a good use of it. I wonder if that new structure in Chicago Millenium Park is somehow inspired after his work or not...got to look it up.

Wilson Tsoi
...Needle in a Hay Stack? Well, at least the EMP. Thought I'd like to share another visual riddle. The traffic back home was bad on I-5, so I took an exit and spent 30 minutes at Seattle Center. Do enjoy.

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