"Needle & EMP"

by Tsoi Wilson

needle emp seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 4th of June 2004 03:08:28 AM


Wilson Tsoi
...thank you for all your kind feedback... ...appreciate your critiques. Howard, I did consider cloning that top left, white area out, darken it, or crop it off before posting. After long contemplation, I stuck to my first priority which is to refrain from PS manipulation whenever possible ("no manipulation",) and hoped that the image itself is strong enough to carry the weight itself. Howard, nevertheless I do agree with you that that would be the first thing to fix in improving this image. Joe, thanks for the suggestion as well. I'm sure that would work as well, but may loose too much of the ruby color? Thanks everyone again for looking ^_^

M. Hayward
Excellent eye.

Howard Dion
The white very top left might be in conflict with the tower. That is where my eye tends to go and I have trouble staying in the frame. After that nit pick, nice shot. Good angels.

Gabriella Lucia
Nice Composition.

Mark Jordan
I thought I had seen every imagineable shot of this area, but this is great! Would make a terrific promotional piece.

Denis-Carl Robidoux
Details are crips, nice colors, you chose a very good point of view.

Wilson Tsoi
...thanks Pawel and Cristina... ...yes, after using the A80 for a while, I do realize now of the disadvantage of digital noise in a small digital compact like the Canon A80 (I understand a lot of them out there are worse.) I suppose I can pick the shadow area and smoothen it out, but figure that's just too tedious. Thanks though for pointing that out.

Peter Apostol
Intense color - i like it

Doug Hawks
Stunning composition and excellent colors. Very nicely done. Regards, Doug.

Cristina Fumi
great angle!

Pawel Stradowski
Nice, Good idea and well executed. The only thing I could just mention, as this none of your fault, is the noise from the digital camera. You can see it in the shadows..... well... what can you do? Cheers

Wilson Tsoi
Space Needle & EMP, Works for You? A must do when in Seattle is to see both Space Needle and EMP up close. I hope that the composition, colors, if not the subject matter can carry the load. Does this work?

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