"Architectural Abstract"

by Tsoi Wilson

architectural abstract seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 4th of June 2004 12:14:29 AM


mondiani .
superbe I love the colors - but cannot even imagine what this is about.


Mondiani party event photographer

Becca Cockrum
I have no idea what this is, but it is a wonderful abstract...

Howard Dion

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you for your comment... ...for the answer, click here

Wilson Tsoi
..thank you all for visiting... ...truly appreciate your taking the time. Mondiabi, Becky, it's the Space Needle & EMP building in Seattle, WA (..surprise, Howard!) Joe, thanks for the "re-crop" as it does add more impact. I in fact did cropped in a teeny bit from original capture, but was afraid to loose too much of that pretty, riveted, red-ruby wall. Pawel, it's indeed difficult to figure out what it is, however, I think that's part of the fun, yes? Thanks again for responding ^_^

Pawel Stradowski
Original, but It's original but just too difficult to figure out what it is. This is more art than... nevermind. I like it

Wilson Tsoi
Who knows right away where this is...? Just curious if anybody knows right off the bat what this is. Or perhaps this is too abstract?

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