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Published: Thursday 3rd of June 2004 11:22:27 PM


Wilson Tsoi
...thanks for the feedback... ...appreciate it. Pawel, the news Seattle area on Thursday morning was the meteor shower that lit up the night sky, so I figure to give it my visual intepretation. Joe, my original thought was that the brilliant red/ruby area will hold its own as after burns from the meteor (rivet) which contrast against the reflection of blue sky. Oh well, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Thank you though for the honestly elaborated replies. Cheers.

Pawel Stradowski
hmmmm I'm just little confused where to focus, whether on the bolt or the Tower... I was only wondering what was ment to be the main subject. Anyways it's original

Wilson Tsoi
Joe, I'm glad that at least someone got it! Thanks for giving it a second look ^_^

Matt Pearson
I like this one very much! It's incredibly creative and probably my favorite of your needle shots. Good eye, great capture.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks, Matt. Seriously, these reflections are tough sells here in PN mainly because you kind of have to take some time to look at it. Appreciate you dropping in. ^_^

Dave Scott
I love it!!!!! I think it works better the further you are from it. When I saw the small thumbnail of it I was like "What is that next to the space needle". Then I saw the larger picture and figured out what it was. Very interesting view. Great shot!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you Dave for commenting. Appreciate it. ^_^

Juan Carlos Bretschneider
The choice of focusing on the bolt instead of the tower is a great assertion. The second one is a very familiar structure, the first one isn't, and this makes for a nice visual game. Colors, textures, and composition are really good.

Wilson Tsoi
Meteor in Pacific Northwest... ...more like a square rivet on the wall of EMP at Seattle Center! Anyways, thought that it's fitting since we had meteor shower last night around here! As usual, feedback is welcome ^_^

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