vineyard infrared

by pruett scott

vineyard infrared seeking critique pruett scott

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Published: Thursday 3rd of June 2004 05:21:28 PM


Michael McCloud
Unusual and orginal...well done.

Francesco Martini
A very suggestive image and good blue colour!! Chianti or Brunello?????

Earl Melton
Very Nice. I really like IR and I shoot the same set up except the addition of the nd 4 filter. What does it add for you? - Earl

Henri Manguy
Very nice dreamlike effect.

Gabriella Lucia
Awesome effect!!

Dario D
Great perspective and colors

scott pruett
thanks everyone. Francesco, unfortunately neither of those grapes grow well around here... although I'd prefer the Chianti ;-)

Lissa Hatcher

Douglas Stemke
Lovely image. When I first saw it I though it was a winter sceen! Cool.

Peter Krenek
Excellent !

Nabil Majid
I just love it. I thought it a snow-covered landscape. The deep blue sky must've tricked me. Regards.

scott pruett
vineyard infrared IR @ horton vineyard, near barboursville, virginia... comments welcome.

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