Fitness queen.

by Amelkovich Igor

fitness queen nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Fine Art

Published: Thursday 3rd of June 2004 11:27:33 AM


The Macman
Culturist woman in dancer shoes. There is good naked and there is a bad naked. This is bad naked. 10/10 for the tonality, shadows and composition. 6/10 for the inspired digust.

Sarah Underhill
Well, I have to say this is a great shot...everything is perfect....but the model makes it. Female body builders have always impressed me! You do good work, I just don't normaly comment/rate the nudes.

Jason Stansfield
Very creative pose with a great composition

Gabriel M. A.
Very personal style; the shoes have not only become your signature, but I have noticed it's a subtle statement.
Excellent title, excellent lighting, even the subject's shadow on the wall adds a great sense of depth.

Thomas Collins
Wow! What a great shot. Your model has quite the physique. Great lighting.

gerald davis
I would like to be under her mercy

James Falconer
I like it, but... I've never been a big fan of leaving the shoes on a naked person. Especially high heels. I like the picture a lot though. I'm sure your creativity can figure out how to get the muscle flexing in her legs without having to resort to wearing shoes.

Chris Ryser
great - despite of b/w ;-))))because I like colores.

Michele Berti
A m a z i n g ! ! !

Juergen Reinsch
Perfect shot, Igor !

Igor Amelkovich
Rhawn Fischer - Yes.

Tom H
I do like the high heels on the woman even though it looks a bit strange. Backdrop I don't find so pleasing but her body and the way it's captured...well chapeaux. I do enjoy it. Wouldn't mind armwrestling with her :).

mondiani .
I prefer I prefer your older stuff - really great stuff, the most viewed folder on ever (and still not a photo of week which is unfair)... But on the new ones the big shadow on the wall ruins the photos. Once noticed I cannot see anything else.


Mondiani party event photographer

Pamela Edwards
Gorgeous Wow! What a hot body. Great shot. Fantastic physique. I like the heels they make her legs even nicer. Very sexy and I'm a woman! Congratulations.

Greg Goldstein
Lighting is perfect, model perfect, image taken... priceless!

Igor Amelkovich
Fitnes queen. New set.

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