by Dejkam Arash

ink seeking critique dejkam arash

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Published: Tuesday 1st of June 2004 03:47:46 PM


Dario D
Simple but impressive and dynamic composition

Adrian Maniutiu
Kind of minimalistic design... and I like it. very effective. Cheers,

L'il Psycho
I simply like it! Congrats!

Sarah Underhill
Very nicely done!

Arash Dejkam
Hi Tuhin! Thanks for your comment. in this shot one of my hands was on the camera button and the other one dripping ink with a syringe in the glass, if I try to do what you say you can imagine what a disaster may happen unless I do it in bathroom with an assistant ;)

Tuhin Saha request to you would be try that out even if you face some difficulty , that would be a "super shot"..

Tuhin Saha
I came to your page and was surprised to see my ratings and comments on this picture were not there . I like this photo a lot . The colour you have chosen is eye catching. Can you do this photo where the glass is tilted and the liquid in it is spilling over ?

Kombizz Kashani
nice macro shot.

Amirali Chitsaz
nice shot khayli doost daram bishtar bahatoon ashna besham.shad bashid

Arash Dejkam
Ink I This is refill ink of my old inkjet printer dripping in a glass ;) only played with curves in PS to blow the highlight.

Any comment is highly appreciated.

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