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Published: Sunday 30th of May 2004 06:38:45 PM


Adrian Maniutiu
tricky... There is something about the way you asked the question on top... hmmm... Something poped up in my mind imediately...I think I know what she's doing weekdays for a living... and BTW: your glamour shots are felicitous and your models fantastic! make one envy you... Cheers

T ...
Hi John, Very simply stunning and the textures you have captured in that dress are wonderful. Tony

Mike Matini
John, another fantastic picture you have taken here. You have done great again with this model. I can see the color of the leather of the car and her cloath has changed, is it a little blueish purpel? Fantastic picture of your friend, but I have a technical question, what is with the left breat in the photos? Look great, I guess it is the prefered one. Great job John, keep it up.

manos xilouris
amazing amazon.

John Peri
Howard, it's not my car and it only goes up to 220 Km per hour anyway !

Howard Dion
No one alive and keep up with you!

John Peri

John Peri
Adrian, I enjoy the compliment, thank you, but there is nothing to be "envious" about. These are girls we all know in our every day surroundings. Maybe I make just a little more effort than some others in trying to convince them to pose.

Ivar Olsen
:-) ...what is she doing weekdays? :-))) Nice set up John!!! Ivar :-)

John Peri
Can't say anything personal about the model. It suffices to say that she is a hard working young lady with a very serious job, long office hours and a lot of responsibility!

Stephen Welch
John Great shot..great model !! What does she do on weekdays??? Is she a school teacher or a cop?????

R Poolman
Good shot

John Peri
Well, she saw this and she laughed, so I guess that's fine! Oh, and she brought around her younger cousin to introduce to me .........nooo comments!

Peter Tucci
Was pop-up flash used?

John Peri
You mean well Peter and I laughed! But maybe it's not too nice to the model who genuinely trying to be candid for us. She's coming over tonightt o pick up her enlargements and will see this.

Johannes Felten
Very fresh and lively. Good shot.

John Peri
Sunday modelling If only you knew what she did in weekdays!

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