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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Umair Ghani
beautiful. artistic. how about blurring green patch more.

Adrian Maniutiu
hmm... ;)

Nils Adlercreutz
???? Where is the car??? ;0))

Vassilis Matzolas
wow the car is amazing...lol...ok ...kidding :p great pic.

robert fgeener

Jim Hayes
John, I truly believe that sometimes a photographer and a subject can get so in sync that one shot just follows the other. No matter what you do, you just can't take a bad shot. You two are just in THE ZONE. And we are just lucky to see the results. Thanks for the continuing ride along with you guys as you show that not only can it be art, it can mostly be fun as well. P.S. I do have a Nikon, and I am currently fighting with them over the repair of said camera, ergo the switch to Canon and Digital.

Chris Kuettner
Jeez John, Good job! I'm gonna have to see what your model's rates are! She makes the shot, and everything else seems to fall into place around her!

John Peri
Rates? We usually drink a glass or two of champagne together and that's it (mostly during the shoot actually)!

W J Gibson
What brand champagne? Keep going with this friend....the results are stunning.

Peter Bilitch
This girl seems to have a wonderful problem with the left side of her dresses... Peter p.s. John, your photography skills really are every bit as good as people are saying.

T ...
Ye Gods John, if your work gets any better with this beautiful lady they are going to be writing books about your work. Almost perfect in just about every way and it's even in colour so I can't believe I'm saying that. Tony

John Peri
Nikon? .. great Jim .... so the models will come running now :-)

Morris Eaddy
...now if i could just figure out a way to get nipples into my butterfly photography...

Chris Kuettner
Hmmm, I usually share a beer or two with my favorite models....maybe if I switched to the "bubbly???"

John Peri
No problem. Find a model that overwhelms you and you will find the butterflies will move to your stomach - mission accomplished.

Mike Averdal
I just don't know why i'm always coming back to your photos John.. . Thank you very much for sharing them with us.

John Peri
Thank you Mike. If you find some of my photos appealing, it may be due to the fact that they are taken of the girl next door, which means that they are people and situations with which all of us can all identify.

John Peri
My boxing partner .... I spent an hour with her last Sunday and have posted some pictures from our session that day .... this is another one ..

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