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Published: Saturday 29th of May 2004 05:49:13 PM


John Peri
Oh, and just in case anyone's attention wanders ... I wanted to remind you again what this model's hobby is ... !

Anthony Peterson
Love the boxing shot! She looks like too much fun.

Jim Hayes
John, she knocked most of us out a long time ago. I am trading my Canon Users Manual for a Submissives Handbook.

Mike Matini
John; very nice, the model looks like she a little rascal and has a great personality. I have noticed from your photos that your models are all very relaxed in all your photos which effects your great photos. Their personality has to be positive and good to make that work I am sure. Well done with this model John, as I observe your work, I see they get better and better every time. Nice job.

John Peri
Jim, just get a Nikon and all your problems will be solved in one go !

Chris Kuettner
Well done John... I like the repetition of form...and the dynamic/static contrast between the model and her photos. Keep up the excellent work!

John Peri
Many thanks Chris and the others too. Glad it amused you.

John Peri
Thanks Mike. I think that the most important ingredient in this type of photography is to have fun. If you do, it will show in the pictures. As for the relaxation, I choose my models among my friends, and choose many of my friends among my models ... so I guess that helps too.

csab' józsa
Great shot, - the only thing I don't like/understand is her face(mouth) on the triplet background. What was your point with that?

John Peri
I always wondered also why the Mona Lisa had her hands crossed ?

Markos George Hionos
very good composition , very good photoediting !

John Peri
Nothing fits anymore ! Just to lighten up the atmosphere ...

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