Moonrise Over Chicago

by Potter Tom

moonrise over chicago seeking critique potter tom

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Published: Saturday 29th of May 2004 03:19:15 PM


Tom Potter
How I did it Stephen, This shot is East facing. It was also taken in 1985 so my memory is a bit fuzzy... I know I used Kodachrome 25 and I don't remember the F stop. Though F8 seems to ring a bell. I used a skylight filter. The photo is two exposures like your "A" example. 1 hour on bulb, shut down for 6 minutes and then the 125th shot for the moon. This must also be done the night AFTER a full moon. This way the moon rises an hour or so after sunset and the moon still appears full. I planned the shoot in August so the moon would rise from a more northerly azimuth, as I wanted Chicago in the image. As for the lack of planes. 14R is typically used for landings and would have been behind me. These are planes getting routed from over Lake Michigan. I also used a 50mm lens (I think). The key is to know where on a compass heading, azimuth, where the moon will rise and compose your shot while it is still light and you can read a compass. Also knowing the altitude of the moon after one hour you can estimate what lens to use as well. Try this web site for Sun and Moon rise/set details for anywhere on Earth. Thank you all for your kind comments. I have always been very happy with this shot.

Rajeev Thomas
Just perfect...very technical, photographer.I am honored to read the technical details...very original!!

Stephen Sullivan
Please, more Technical Details Film? EI Setting? Lens? F/Stop? Any filters, like a ND? Any manipulation in Photoshop? The more that I look at this photo, I have to question, "Is this two separate images combined to make one image?" I ask this because, their is very little air traffic for an exposure, stated to be 1 hour, of plains approaching and taking off from O'Hare Airport (off in the distance.) Is Image A: A 1 hour exposure of the Moonrise, with a 6 minute pause, followed by a short exposure thereafter? Followed by Image B: A 1 or 2 minutes exposure of planes approaching and taking off from O'Hare Airport? Despite my question, this is still a great photograph.

Bilal Zaheer
an EXPLOSIVE first post! would be interesting to see more photos from you.

Stephen Penland
Cool's something I'd like to try.

Suman L
Xcellent. that's so original.

Petar Sokarovski
What is this please tell me!!!! nice balp.

Pearce Darnell
Very original !!! I like this !!!! Congrats. I rate it 6\6!!

Vic Krag
Very cool, great effort and resulsts. the addtional expsure after the 6 minutes is really effective. The 125th shot did make the moon a bit darker than I'd prefer. Since the moon reflects sunlight, the 'sunny 16' rule applies ie: f16 at film speed and you wouldn't need to worry about the ambient light in this case.

Nisar Naseeruddin
AMAZING 1ST POST Tom, An awesome and amazing first post. Kind of makes me want to go and dig thru the old archives and pull up my past pics but the though of my wife making me put together the never completed wedding album just shuns me away.

Tom Potter
Moonrise Over Chicago Hello. This is my first submission to I am pleased to have found this place.

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