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by Peri John

in c seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 28th of May 2004 04:52:51 PM


Igor Amelkovich
I like this one!

Salih Güler
john beautiful!!!

Timo Hartikainen
That additional photo, with the see-through outfit, is really great.

Jeff Green
*cough* Holy Bajeezuz she's a stunner . . . I bet she can do 0-60 in no time flat! Now if I can only find that dealership to test drive one . . . .

Suman L
Xcellent work John.

John Peri
Thank you for your comment Hassan, but the whole point was the contrast with the surroundings. Photographing her in a nice apartment is somewhat easier to do and less of a challenge.

John Peri
Uh hum! Do you like the p-h-o-t-o ?

Ken Thalheimer
John, I think each of the successive photos shown is stronger than the main one. Post each seperately and see how they'll do? Terrific series this one!

John Peri
Many thanks Ken, but I really think that there are too many photos posted already ... and there are more to come, so I can't bore people more than that!

Hassan Mustafa Alatrash
Very sexy model, you should have chosen a much better environment or surroundings for this type of shot!

John Peri
... I guess it's a Porsche Boxster.

Jim Hayes
John's new purpose in life is to make each day like Christmas for us here. Now I get up each morning and rush to the computer to see what Santa John has left us today. "And I heard her exclaim as she drove out of sight, happy shooting to all and to all........" Ho Ho Ho, Thanks.

John Peri
It's in order not to bore you by posting them separately.

George Becker
Another Great Photo What is the make of the car?

John Peri
Sundown And then the shadows got longer and the evening began to fall ...

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