by van der Weide A.B.

braveheart deelen nikon f fuji mm af d van der weide ab

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Published: Friday 28th of May 2004 05:06:15 AM


Salvatore Mele
I also think a panoramic crop would make it a more powerful image: all the other main elements are indeed horizontal lines: the "bridge" and the queue of "followers"

Marta Eva LLamera
Great moment! Ha,ha! very pleasant. Good composition, light, color, definition and that moment shot is really GOOD. I think the image you´ve captured is complete. Congratulations. Regards.

Mario Novak
Just great This rooster will get very lucky tonight,...great show, great shot

Ryan Radtke
dont listen to all those other idiots.. ;) I like how it is croped right now.. it gives atmosphere.

ilkka räisänen
Welcome back! The hero and his harem are hilarious.

A.B. van der Weide
actually the 10th time I ripped all my photos of, due to illegal copies and publications. Just thought to bring this one back though. Had so many positive reactions to this photo, not only at the net, at my home in the real world as well. Just brought it back to please some of visitors, which initially gave raise to the impact this photo has. Nothing more, nothing less (just a tribute to i guess, not about an addiction to be rated or commented on). I agree about the panoramic crop, but hey this one is shot on a 35mm slide, not with xpan............ I like it as it is.

Florian Hoenig
what an amazing shot! I wouldn't name it like that though. to explizit. it kills the amazing potential of humor this photo offers for me :) i like it a lot!

Carsten Ranke
FANTASTIC ! Unbelievable shot, I would rate it 10/10... To be at the right place at the right moment, to have your camera at hand and to be on the alert. Anticipate the situation and then make the photo exactly at the right moment... This photo is one of the best I have seen here on PN. Congrats, Carsten

Justice Forever
Who said I am a chicken!!! Chicken: "I made this..."

Gérard Laurenceau
Magnifique !!!

Mahrashk Meidani
You made my day!!! loooool. Return of the HERO!!!! loool. You can see the hens are very proud because of belonging to such a brave rooster!!! loool

Pnina Evental
That is soooo funny !!!That cock didn't hear about feminism............ Great capture! Pnina

Ricky Subianto
I like the composition unbelievable composition.. this is fantastic. looks like the hens don't believe the bridge until the rooster can cross it. the power of rooster in the middle of bridge, reflection, and the group of hens make this picture perfect. and a little humour make it sweet

Anthony Peterson
Thank you _ Cálico _ I was thought so. This rooster has such chivalry I love it. =)

Bill Cardwell
Perfect - and I love your title!

Marcin Harla
Another vote for slight panoramic crop. Overal great picture 6/7

Daryl Walter
Brilliant! This picture looks great and tells a story too. Good job of getting all the hens in the frame on the right. Well done!

Etienne D
+1 for the panoramic crop!

Chris Nichols
They may take our eggs, but they'll never take our FREEEEEEEDOMMMMMM!!!!! I love this shot! This is a great moment.

_ Cálico - NY, NY
I'm laughing as I write my thoughts... What a fantastic "catch" on your part! This is hilarious! I'm looking at the rooster and I can visualize him proudly strutting confidently across the river, knowing that his "harem" will follow even though they may be hesitant. This photo DOES tell a story, my friend. I really think you've got something here that you should capitalize on. Good show, by the way. I like it as it is. It gives the viewer a bit of time to look around until the image finally catches the senses and... BAM, the impact of the image hits the viewer!

Bilal Zaheer
pretty amusing!

Francesco Martini
Very original..!!!!

Saeid Nazari
Great and very funny!

Robert Medina - South Jersey/Philly
I can see this selling big time as stock!!! Market the heck out of it!

Peter Jokan
Picture of the year!!!! :) Awsome... and very very funny! Congratulation

Nick Shuval-Sergeev

Gerard D'Souza
Very nice capture! the background and foreground sem a bit extraneous. hav you tried doing a panoramic crop?

Michele Berti
An amazing action here! Really really well done.

Witolda Maruszewska
I like this - it does have a certain amusement factor about it, doesn't it? :-) This shot is off-beat and different which, humour aside, makes it just so appealing. I do agree about cropping it slightly to draw more attention to the chickens and perhaps it could be a little bit sharper but other than that, it is a good effort!

Jean-Paul Nacivet

Roger Stevens
This is the third time you’ve posted this shot that I know of. Just curious, is they’re something to gain from yet another critique of the same image?

Scott Cromwell
One of the coolest shots I've ever seen. Thanks for resubmitting it. I didn't see it the first time around.

brian fulham
I don't know if a chicken can swim, but I'll tell you something it can do is get drunk! A chicken once drank from a glass during a picnic and it spent the next half hour doing one of those Russian dances on it's knees! I've already commented on the photo by the way which is priceless!

Allen Madison
Perfect as is I disagree with those that think you should crop this picture. It is the whole picture that tells the story. It is perfect as it is, and, as others have mentioned, one of the best ever on

brian fulham
Amazing, wonderful photo! Women always want to go first nowdays, but that is wrong. In traditional society, the correct etiquette is for the man to enter and leave a public place first, even a lift, the idea being that he will face the obstacles encountered and not them. This is obviously a gentleman cock!

Mark Lucas
"Come on, are you guys chicken?"

Roger Stevens
Glad you brought it back. It appeared as I remembered it and wasn’t sure what could be added as far as a critique. I still get a kick out of it as I did the first time I saw it. Good images never get old regardless how many times you see them. Thanks for sharing.

Els Wetting
I have seen this one before, but no problem, there are for sure a lot of people who didn't see it, so why not. Els

Anthony Peterson
Picture is priceless. A gentleman cock? lol. Does anyone know if a chicken can swim?

_ Cálico - NY, NY
Anthony Peterson, yes, chickens CAN swim but they don't like to have wet feathers... Almost all animals can swim in a pinch while very, very few cannot; if you examine their body shapes, you'll notice that animals swim in the same position they walk/run/ambulate and can easily keep their heads above water; not so with humans. We walk upright yet we swim either on our stomachs, side or back but never upright as we walk and run. The center of buoyance for animals doesn't change, while ours does; animals that don't normally swim do so instinctively while we have had to learn to adapt to water. You've heard of horses and cattle drowning? Due to panic and/or water current being too strong. (Yes, elephants do indeed swim, quite well, too).

A.B. van der Weide
in a way the impact of this photo was shown to me the first time here at, that's why I brought it back to the web. it is here to enjoy to ya all :-)

Bob Archer
This is great ! Makes you really feel good ! Very original !

Bill Tate
Leave it cropped as it is! Should an advertiser want to use the foreground or background for text, the space is there. Absolutely wonderful catch. Wish I had been there.

Andrea Endisch
that's going to be a classic!

Idris Ekinci

Pim Geerts
This is really a unique photograph! Congratulations for winning that Focus-award! I accidently saw this picture again, a nice moment for a rating! 7/7-really great! gr. Pim

A.B. van der Weide
just experimenting a little lately with b/w

Wadim Kahlkopf
My absolute favourite. Outstanding. Where is the color version?

Radovan Grkovski
Very nice, 6/6

A True Leader This is amazing. A true leader. Looks like the front guy is the commnader in different uniform and is checking the strenght of the bridge before other can cross. What a capture!

Chandra Ganne
Wow Excellent time...beautiful 7/7

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Joop ter Meulen
This is really great !!!!!

Nicholas Bryant
Excellent!!! what a moment!

Don Miller
Glad you brought it back; it's one of my long-time favorites. Oh, and I wouldn't change a thing. Cheers!

Reza Shadpay
10/10 Ladies first?!

Katya Lin
7/7 7/7!!!!!!!

ahmet ozkan
brawo superb.

Leonid Dombrovsky
6/7 Very funny photo!

Tomasz Swider
great shot

peter nijboer
7 zuma 7 accordinglaly very nice!! 7 zuma 7

Mujahid Awais
Commandar 700/700 Very nice photo. Folow me is the message.Fantastic.

Tutte Peever

Ferrando Flores Rafael

Victor Descenko
7/7 My admiration!

Theodoros Festsopoulos
Funny and so original :o) - 7/7 TEO

Peter Nilsson
A picture that really amazes! Funny and beautiful! PN

Linda Young
C'mon gals This is the only photo I've seen today that I would actually pay for. It says so much.

A.B. van der Weide
;-) Thanks for the compliment. Donations to PayPal please! ;-)

Cesar Fernandez
Leyendary!!! WOW! A legendary photograph. I am glad you brought it back for many of us to see for the first time. A picture of a lifetime! By the way, you crop this kill the picture. DO NOT touch it. !!! Congratulations. Cesar Fernandez

A.B. van der Weide
? What do you mean? Posted by someone-else or double posted by me? I did post the photo once before, deleted it in 2003, and then reposted it again some time later..... in May 2004. Hope this will explain your questionmarks. Greets AB

Michael Sulka
7/7 Excellent shot!

Emrah Icten
perfect ! ... :D :D :D

Carsten Ranke
My all-time favourite on PN. Nice to visit again.

iqbal thind
leadership those who dare to act (lead) become leaders.any way very original 7/7

Josef Vosicky
What is the story? Thanks for the picture Van der! Chicken have their usual path and a crossing. Tell us, how long you have waited for this one and how many takes there were! What is the story behind the picture?

Keyvan J
??? This is the second time that this image is posted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have it in my somputer ????!!!!!!

Phil Sutcliffe
Come on girls ! I think this is great, the grass actually does look greener 'on the other side'!

Tyler DeSanto
Nice. I love this, what a great shoot.

peter lindberg
I laughed when I saw the picture. Look on the cock caught in action with the hens ready to follow him over the bridge. I just wonder how many times you had to arrange the scene to get the perfect shot. Congratulations.

J. Delorme
It's great!!! I love everything about it!!...

A.B. van der Weide
hi peter nothing arranged or photoshopped here, just one pure lucky shot before the digital age.... have the slide back home, you're welcome to see it ;-)

Catheryn Johnson
Wow I love this picture. I have a copy on my wall at work ( I work at an egg farm. )

Emmanuel Enyinwa
Great, GREAT shot!

HuHu Lin
100/100 I saw this from some friend's email,i cant believe to find this on PN...this is so classic,man,maybe you could earn some money from this one^^

Tanni Thai
What a shot. Talk about perfect timing here. Very funny and cute! :)

James Lalsiamliana
amusing and perfect line up

Sinh Nhut Nguyen
I remember seeing this image way before I was interested in photography, great shot very original, I would give this 8/8. :)

Martin Trygve
A real classic.

Risto J Savolainen
I guess everything has been said in the numerous comments already - thank you for sharing this wonderful shot.

Carola Onkamo former Lundmark
At the right place on the right time :) Excellent capture!
~ Carola ~

Barbara Wilkins

Antoni Tomadakis
Amazing catch! Timed perfectly!

Sreehari Sundararajan
The body language and confidence it has in to keep the step forward is so CATCHY..!!! Caught at right time.. 7/7...!!!

Bill Wingell

A wonderful capture of a true leader. Well done!  Regards...Bill

Divya Goyal

No words. Just WOW!

Elizabeth Omski
Love it!

Great shot, and funny! Peaceful at the same time.

A.B. van der Weide
return of a hero just brought him back

Romek Bolek
I really would love to see the original slide :)

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