by Evental Pnina

untitled bench seeking critique evental pnina

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Published: Friday 28th of May 2004 05:03:58 AM


Alec Ee
A very nice garden bench out in the pier? Did you put it there Pnina? Super original!

Roberto P
Very interesting diagonal composition, simple yet beautiful and original. I like also the tone. Congrats!

Pnina Evental
Thank you my friends, Marta, Jos,Pradeep,Allon, Sarah,Els, Pedro,and Roberto P.For your nice comments. I'm privileged to get them. Pnina

Sarah Underhill
Nicely done!

Pnina Evental
Hi Paul, thanks a lot! Pnina

Els Wetting
This feels so much pniNATURAL

Pradeep Raghunathan
indeed this is very nice, it has the classy retro tone to it too, very nice composition. thanks for your rating of m yellow flower would like a rating too :) cheers!

Stephen Galea
Great compostion

Michele Berti
I like the mood here. Lovely composition, well done!

Ken Beilman
Prina Very nice composition and mood. Also, very original.

Tuhin Saha
..seeing your pictures after a gap..I am always awed by the colours of your pictures.. the scene is very romantic ( let me imagine some old couple sitting there..)!

Allon Kira
Hi Pnina, very nice comp. to this pleasant image!

L'il Psycho
nice shot I love it for his good angle and composition.

Marta Eva LLamera
Simple and beautiful. A very significant image! I like much. Regards.

Pnina Evental
Thank you My dear Mita, We could seat on that bench.... and Thank you L'il. Pnina

Pnina Evental
Michele B. Ken Beilman, and GSTeVe Thanks to all of you, for your nice comments. Pnina

Marita Toftgard
elegant presentation!!and I like the perfect diagonal...great my dear friend

Paul David Athey
Pnina, fantastic composition - isolation perconified - great work. Regards Paul.

Jos Van Poederooyen
So very appealling! A Peaceful place. A patient bench. Nicely seen, Prina.

Pnina Evental
Thank you Kyle and Alec. No Alec, It was there originaly waiting for me to take a photo............Pnina

mike werkhoven
Unreal for a Dutchman, 16 milion people live in our small country so there are hardly these queiet places to find. Nice. mike

Carsten Ranke
Very good composition and toning. A quiet and peaceful scenery, I like it. Regards, Carsten

Pnina Evental
Tuhin, Mike, & Carsten Thanks for visiting & commenting.It was very unusual scene to find that bench in the middle of wide water....... Pnina

Kim Slonaker
I've never seen a park bench on a pier before, so that in itself makes this rather unique. You have captured some great shadows, reflections and detail in this composition.

Lionel Dupre
I would call this "unfortunate loneliness" ... because this is the 1st feeling I had when I saw this image.

Pnina Evental
Lionel, Untitled bench, speaks as well of lonliness, something that does not have a name...Thanks yours is a good name as well. Pnina

Pnina Evental
UNTITLED BENCH.... Thanks, Pnina Evental

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